Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Tab

Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Tab

Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Tab
This is my guitar cover with tab of the song “Nothing Else Matters”, check out my website to watch the lessons and to get my Guitar Pro and Pdf tabs ๐Ÿ™‚

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21 responses to “Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Tab”

  1. Kiss issty beats 003 says:

    hi free tutorial guitar video ?

  2. noel4140 says:

    This is amazing, this is really helping me get the intro part down! I’ve just begun playing the guitar for the first time and it’s just thrilling to be able to play actual songs! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Also I noticed just a little thing, on the 5th set of notes (or bar, whatever it’s called) at 0:13, the second note should be G and then the third note should be B) I think they might have been mistakenly mixed up.

  3. Sharad Narayan says:

    Great!! love it practicing on it………………………

  4. Tแบก Duy Thรดng says:

    I have been fascinated by your channel since it ‘s so useful and interesting. You must be devoting a great deal of time and energy to creating such terrific tutorials and tabs. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur!

  5. Mike Moore says:

    I’ve a deep reverence and respect for anyone good at what they do – it is simply reassuring to know I’ve got a solid go-to place, with a little discipline, perseverance, consistency – to name a few virtues (of which I freely attribute to you and your solid body of works) I believe that we’ve all ability to make the beauty innate manifest, inspire, and hope forth toward morphing sound (I still admittedly make more of this, lol) into harmony…speaking both metaphorically as well as literally.
    Play on, RockStar!
    Oh hey, no offense – sincerely mean this as a genuine compliment: I’d thought you were Italian – WAIT!! Hear me out!! lol, wife and I got to travel to Rome when we were first married, and totally fell in love with the people – as we honestly found them to be just simply nice, kind, and gentle people; it was your disposition I’d found to be most like those I’d remembered – and though I have never met you I’ve a mind that unconsciously gleans personality elements (probably all my years working as a psychotherapist, having a passion for people’s happiness and love for culture) and had without realizing it was just able to imagine you in some small coffee shop across the Pantheon. You’ve definitely re-ignited my enthusiasm to go to France – though I’d love to avoid the beaten path, I’d am fascinated with the intense history of Paris and what I’ve come to learn regarding the seemingly infinite layers of culture upon culture in Paris. Have faith I’ll be looking forward to meeting plenty of folks like you when we go – for what its worth, sir.
    MikeMoore & Little Musical Family!

  6. Thomas Dayton says:

    Is it just me or does the “Subscribe Here” blot out the 3rd measure every time? Is that intentional? Kind of a bummer.

  7. Dan Phipps says:

    Wow… you play this with such beautiful ease. I would love to be able to play this song like you do sir. I’m giving myself a target of six months to try and get near it.
    Thank you for this video.

  8. Dan Phipps says:

    Sorry, I forgot to ask – is this song in regular tuning – I haven’t got my guitar with me to try the TAB.

  9. noel4140 says:

    Can someone help me out with bars 21-22? I dnt understand the finger placements for it. Its really fricking frustrating

  10. zenpuntozero says:

    Malero Number 1!!!

  11. Dragongamer211 201 says:

    Hey on the 6 part how do you the thing on 7^8^75how do you do that

  12. leon kennedy says:

    wow very nice !!!

  13. Malero-Guitare Tabs says:

    Courses, tab & chords are on the site ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. TheKingkhaotic says:

    he’s playing different notes than what he plays.

  15. Babani Gad says:

    I love this song.. I have been trying to play this for years.. could never quite get it until i saw this video.. thank you so much.. ur content is awesome

  16. Richter AlexanderHold says:

    This is to hard for me…

  17. sujan baral says:

    It is rare to find guitar lessons with tabs displayed.. Awesome work.. Keep it up..

  18. jean tienscompte says:

    merci, super morceau

  19. clintstrehl631 says:

    Great song and nice job syncing the tabs

  20. PhsycoCharles says:

    LOOK AT HIS BOTTOM HAND WHEN HE PLAYS! He’s not playing this. The tabs are right tho

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