U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Tutorial

U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Tutorial

U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Tutorial
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U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson tutorial

34 responses to “U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Tutorial”

  1. kissmundial says:

    Marty you’re awesome! Thanks a lot dude! you make everything so easy for us. 5 stars for you man.

  2. Mikail Music says:

    That helped me a lot, I’ve been playing for 2 and a half month and your version is the only one I can play “correctly” . Thanks a lot !

  3. laguitaredepatoche says:

    super j aime bien

  4. David Corey says:

    nice lesson

  5. Jamie Conatser says:

    Thanks Man you’re awesome!

  6. laguitaredepatoche says:

    bien super bonjour de la France merci pour les accord

  7. Graham says:

    Great lesson thanks Marty!!

  8. kohtalainenalias says:

    Could you elaborate on the strumming pattern…? I can’t get the rhythm right…

  9. Romain kerlero says:

    bonjour juste une petite correction ce n’est pas un D mais un Dsus2

  10. lukas janocko says:

    You are best ! Thank you for lesson !

  11. Bea Burguera says:

    👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you! So useful!

  12. Craig Barnard says:

    Could you repeat the strum pattern please.

  13. Jill Sessions says:

    I couldn’t get a hang of the strum pattern, but I am came up an easier one for a beginner like me who doesn’t want to do all down strokes. DD DUU. Two quater notes down, then 4 eight notes with a tie so down up (tied, miss the down) up. That way you have to play each chord twice, example Am Am D D F F G G for the verse. Great video as always!

  14. Patrick Seymour says:

    Thx this helped alot

  15. yukansuggit says:

    +martyzsongs – Is there much difference in the way it plays/sounds between using the open G vs the Barred G to you? I’m just looking for different ways to play it. A great song, and lesson, btw. I’m really just curious on this from someone far more seasoned (I’ve been playing about 4 months).

  16. Andrew Reich says:

    Awesome lesson! Reminds me of johnny cash’s cover of one! Sounds awesome

  17. Baltazar Ordonez says:

    I have nothing else to say, except that you are awesome. Thanks a lot.

  18. Meticulous.Musiculous says:

    Thanks Marty, another one on my learned list.✌. I can see my improvements since I started guitar 2 months ago. Thank-you for your lessons and your suggestions on getting better at guitar.

  19. Dan Cornmell says:

    thank you so much for teaching me this it’s a joy to play it

  20. Chrystal kristel says:

    You are The best!!!! I love you being my teacher Thank you!!!!! this version is easy and spot on for this Song!!! Thank you!

  21. Jay Garrett says:

    Can’t thank you enough for all these vids here, And the stuff on your website!
    Learning SO much!
    Rock on and Spock on Marty! LLAP!

  22. alyssa v says:

    a very good lesson, easy to understand, Thank you very much !

  23. Huck AberrY says:

    I think your the chit dude/ but I had rather you played the song before I even want to learn it from ya,,,, not being a dick,,,, Sorry,, just my thoughts

  24. Stefan Vorster says:

    luv your guitar

  25. Sat Ok says:

    second chord D9

  26. Zach Veiby says:

    Great lesson. Very easy chords

  27. Haki says:

    Shit you look like Alex Mandel!

  28. David Ciulla says:

    had to hit the bar cords like a boss!

  29. Huff Jdog says:

    One love
    One life
    When it’s one need
    In the night

  30. Ken Trock says:

    You are a fine teacher

  31. SaHaRa Wojtek says:


  32. NotAnother Meme says:

    It’s funny… ever since I forced myself to learn barre chords I can’t play an F unbarred now… I know it’s helpful when switching from F to C but blech.

    Also, and I don’t know why, when I play the chorus I don’t go to a full Am. From the C I just lift my ring finger off of the D string, leaving the G and B strings pressed. I think this gives it a “heavier” feeling…. just a personal choice, I know, but I thought I’d share in case anyone else wants to try it out.

  33. NotAnother Meme says:

    Heeey marty – do you do a Beautful Day tutorial?

  34. Mario Cadena says:

    Great mate, cheers!!!

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