ELIXIR Strings Tech Tip: Guitar Cleaning And Maintenance Techniques (Part 1)

ELIXIR Strings Tech Tip: Guitar Cleaning And Maintenance Techniques (Part 1)

ELIXIR Strings Tech Tip: Guitar Cleaning And Maintenance Techniques (Part 1)

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  1. Sammy Bones says:

    I do love elixir acoustic strings. Taking all the strings off is ok if it is a new guitar. If it is a vintage guitar, you need to be careful because some parts may not work as good as they used to(like the truss rod). You can snap a truss rod if it is stuck and then its a bit of a pain to fix.
    +Sammy Bones 
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  2. Zeb Fernandez says:

    What sort of masking tape is that? Painters tape as to not leave a sticky residue?

  3. Dann Jose Cabredo says:

    where did he find that drill bit peg winder all i can find are planet wave ones and theyre stupid expensive compared to these 2 dollar ones

  4. Isabel Devincenzi says:

    I want this guy taking care of my guitar! Pro job.

  5. Lance Flanagan says:

    I want the drill bit!

  6. quad1000 says:

    no to steel wool with a guitar fretboard with a pickup system.  actually, any fretboard.  sorry.  naptha first, boiled linseed oil after.

  7. inkey2 says:

    LOL…cool…..i have been using turtle wax on guitars for ages. Glad to see someone else thinks it’s a good idea as well

  8. FantaFuture92 says:

    that guy who bashes Steelwool on youtube lol, still pros are using it.

  9. Nebula says:

    When is going to be a “Setting up your acoustic guitar”?

  10. Kenny Roberts says:

    Steelwool is horrible, use sandpaper.  

  11. Trevor Barron says:

    i paint and i have the linseed oil people use for oil painting will that work?

  12. WillsATMOsphere says:


  13. Henry Huang says:

    does steel wool harm your fretboard?

  14. Daniel Heung says:

    What was the lady at the back doing? She spent quick some efforts on that guitar…

  15. Rockstar Burns says:

    Hi dude from Taylor guitars!! It’s any kind of boiled linseed oil??… No matter brand or presentation of the oil??… I want to do this in my rose wood fretboard guitars

  16. Bill says:

    I just received a Taylor 110ce for christmas. The finish is “varnish”, not a high gloss lacquer. Is it ok to wax the body with turtle wax on top of a “varnish” finish? Thanks.

    – Bill Ball

  17. lebulkEnjoy says:

    I would prefer a nasty dirty guitar not a new one for a cleaning tutorial

  18. nikolas phie says:

    Hey dude, where can I get that lindeed oil??? Any alternatives?

  19. Dale Weber says:

    Is it true that we could use baby oil which is like mineral oil on guitar fretboards. I have guitar and amp maintenance book. It stated different types to use on fretboards and body.

  20. AlooZ says:

    Why do people always use chemicals an products these tutorials. Can’t use stuff found at home…

  21. Andrew Wyndham says:

    using f-1 by musicnomad is okay but be sure not get any water in there. Also, when using steel wool make sure it’s a VERY VERY FINE steel wool, otherwise you can open up the little parellel crevice/minute cracks on the fretboard. Using the steel wool parellel might be better than perpendicular to the fretboard. otherwise just use the rougher side of the sponge if you have any doubts. I used steel wool and I’m seeing a light brown color appear certain areas of the frets which make me think that some dampness got in those cracks after using steel wool. Be VERY CAREFUL with older guitars in a high humidty enviroment when cleaning. (of course dry heat can affect an acoustic guitar also.

  22. Jeff Johansen says:

    Can you take all the strings off at once if you have an under saddle pickup?

  23. philipatoz says:

    Thanks so much! This is very practical, easy to follow instructions. And if routinely followed, it will keep your guitar looking great. But so many people wait until they’ve got layers of crud on the fretboard, as well as on the various crevices of the guitar. So easy to MAINTAIN a guitar’s finish, as opposed to trying to have to radically clean it after long periods of buildup, and what the oils in your hands and string corrosion particles do to it.

  24. Art Howard says:

    Is this Turtle Wax Express spray safe to use on nitrocellulose (Gibson) finishes? (I strongly suspect no?)

  25. Vegan Viking says:

    How often should I clean my guitar?

  26. Jarrod Romine says:

    I love watching professionals do stuff right. There’s a lot of losers posting diy videos with no credentials. Listening to them will mess you up big time. Keep it professional.

  27. Tinh Van says:

    i wonder what kind of screwdriver used in this video is? can anyone indicate the exact model of this screwdriver? thank so much

  28. Robin O says:

    I know that he’s a tech and can remove all strings at the same time, but I was told that there are 3 pounds of pressure on the neck, and to remove one string at a time, or you then have to bring the guitar to a tech to be re-set. Does anyone have any comments to make about this? And the other problem is that if you don’t take all the strings off at once, how do you clean the fretboard?

  29. arachnoscience1 says:

    It’s so funny that you have a real expert from Taylor giving great tips and advice because he really does know what he is doing and still the armchair guitar techs chime in with their “expert opinions” and pretty much arguing or discounting everything that he has done. There are so many amazing and knowledgeable people out there that know more than just about every expert on any topic. Now, if we could just coax them out of their Mom’s basement, we could cure cancer and solve every problem ever imagined. Imagine a world where the problems were solved before they even happened because these folks are just that good! Damn!
    The problem with all of the advice that the armchair techs give is that there will be some young kid who gets their first guitar for Christmas or a birthday and then decides to not use the advice on the video and instead follow some other’s idiotic suggestions and ruin their guitar. That said, if there are any kiddos reading this that are wondering which advice is the right one……take the advice given in the video. It’s advice from a man who makes his living doing the work he is demonstrating on the video and doing it all in the shop of a company that makes some of the best guitars in the world. Don’t take the advice from the guy/gal claiming to know more because one of their gas station co-workers told them that they learned it from Eric Clapton’s guitar tech. And btw, awesome video! Thanks Rob!

  30. Nick R says:

    DON’T use steel wool ANYWHERE on a guitar.

  31. John Shalamskas says:

    Using a set of diagonal cutters as a tool for grasping the bridge pins is risky with bone pins. They can easily scratch or crack the brittle bone. There are cheap (under $5) plastic pin pullers that are a lot safer to use. Or you can use some cloth around the jaws of the diagonal cutter to protect the pin from the sharp edges.

  32. paducahFishFan says:

    That’s a sweet looking 818e.

  33. ariel Cruz says:

    waaaaaaao! an elixir string tech. oh! yea! dont fok.

  34. ariel Cruz says:

    the wax dont make you fast. is the skills and practice. you idiot

  35. Lukas Eideloth says:

    Do you throw the steel woll in the trash, after using it?

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