How To Tune A Guitar Using A Digital Tuner!

How To Tune A Guitar Using A Digital Tuner!

How To Tune A Guitar Using A Digital Tuner!
is proud to present ‘How to tune a guitar using a digital tuner’ starring one of our technicians Mr Dominic Allan! We are a family run music shop based in Westbury, Wiltshire. We sell, restore, repair and teach ‘all instruments’ from pianos to bagpipes! We strive to have ‘all instruments’ in store and have a wide range in our online shop We hope that you find our videos useful, if you have any suggestions for future videos please get in touch! If you would like to purchase the tuner shown in this video (Eno ET-3000) it is available via our website

We made this video to replace the previous one we had listed showing you how to do this. We thought it would be best if a guitarist did it and not a drummer!

40 responses to “How To Tune A Guitar Using A Digital Tuner!”

  1. Fooshe says:

    Why do you set it to chromatic and not guitar?

  2. Andrew Johnson says:

    I have a Eno ET-3000+ and it was set on G at 443 for some reason but got it set properly now thanks to you showing what the best setting is and they are good like

  3. Ram Blake says:

    I remember my nephew who was trying one of these digital tuners for the first time, his ukulele doesn’t sound right and he has been tuning it for hours. Then I found out the reason why: It was set on guitar. LoL! Anyways, great educational upload and newbies to this gadget will learn a lot from this video.

  4. Sameer Sharma says:

    Eddy Ate Dynomite Good Bye Eddy 😛 

    E A D G B e

  5. Bamboo Shoot says:

    How do you tune after putting new strings on?

  6. CCr LC says:


  7. Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

    Only my opinion but these clip on tuners are ok for acoustics however for electric and accuracy in tuning your best using a tuner plugged straight into the guitar jack socket

  8. Anastasia Malik says:

    E- Eddie
    A- Ate
    D- Dynamite
    G- Good
    B- Bye
    E- Eddie

  9. Jeremiah Rubin says:


  10. Tialouisexox says:

    mine says b for high e and i changed the battery and everything 

  11. Jaime Rodri says:

    What do the numbers 440,441… mean in the lcd?

  12. lovenow says:

    Thanks for this. I bought one of these for my new acoustic and wanted to be sure I was using it right. *****/5

  13. Kiran Kumar says:

    B- bunnies

  14. TLDeck says:

    Mine said 3G for all of the strings and I broke my E string trying to make it say E 😰😰😰

  15. Bruce Tull says:

    with my tuner its always got the flat sign on it and i want to get rid of it so i can tune the normal e to e notes

  16. jimmy p says:

    I got the same one but no matter what I put it on it will not get the base string anyone can help ?

  17. Adne Skansen says:


  18. Deb Curts says:

    How to play guitar

  19. Bridget Keating says:

    Thank you!! This was very helpful

  20. Todd says:

    My guitar is always out of tune when I go play it the next day. I have a built in tuner and a clip on Fender tuner.Can you help me out?
    I know this sounds stupid,but when I do go to tune it I get so nervous because of all of the creaking sounds it makes while it tightens I’m afraid the string is going to snap.I wait a little bit after each turn so it stretches. The tuning keys seems as though they can’t be any tighter.This is going on with my electric one too, same make.Can you are someone that knows guitars help me please. I bought it a year ago and I’m still kind of new to all this.

  21. MrDrago11 says:

    Hello i got question, how do you can chcange mode from chromatic to guitar on this tuner?

  22. josephine shanley says:

    E…Every…A…Animal …D…Doctor…G…Gets…B…Bad…E…Eggs…    ;  lolx   I,m  really liking seeing what words we all used…….Guess theres loads, there will be different ones for different places we were taught at school x

  23. Matt Silvey says:

    why do I feel like I’m watching Monty Python

  24. Peter Locher says:

    Another useful thing about the Chromatic setting is you can make sure the notes are correct at the 12 th fret, so your intonation is better.

  25. S G says:

    E…. Every
    A…. Acid
    D…. Dealer
    G…. Gets
    B…. Busted
    E…. Eventually

  26. jachymhr says:

    Thanks Michael Palin.

  27. michael jolley says:

    noticed the comments below… well, sounds like people keep buying shitty strings hahaha.

    use this site with your troubles 😀 (hope this helped)

  28. Nicky Fitzsimons says:

    how do I get rid of the sharp note? please and thank you!

  29. Govind Yatnalkar says:

    Awesome…The elvis trick was pretty impressive!!!!!

  30. kaif education point says:

    thanks for this video good

  31. Emily Birkett says:

    Posh cool dude! 😂😎🤘🏻

  32. Edgar Lopez says:

    i have the tuner in bemol, i dont konw how to changed to normal

  33. Knapweed says:

    Good grief, you look like a younger version of Michael Palin. Great tutorial.

  34. FredKyle 332 says:

    D-Die for

  35. Harry Carr says:

    witht he amazon app you can

  36. Jelly Beaner says:

    E – E
    A – A
    D – D
    G – G
    B – B
    E – E
    thats how i remember it

  37. Georgia Millis says:

    Every Adult Dog Growls Barks Eats

    still how i remember it lmao

  38. multigamer943 says:

    what guitar is this ? you are using

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