Jazz Standard: Autumn Leaves – Chords (Guitar Lesson JA-520)

Jazz Standard: Autumn Leaves – Chords (Guitar Lesson JA-520)

Jazz Standard: Autumn Leaves – Chords (Guitar Lesson JA-520)
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Autumn Leaves –
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’ll be checking out the jazz standard Autumn Leaves, popular one for people getting into jazz. This lesson we look at the chords, in following lessons we’ll be looking at the melody, harmonic analysis, chord melody and walking bass! LOTS MORE INFO ON THE WEB SITE including recommended listening, tip sheets and much more! Hope you enjoy them!

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14 responses to “Jazz Standard: Autumn Leaves – Chords (Guitar Lesson JA-520)”

  1. peter wurst says:

    Justin you are a great teacher i play guitar since 3 years playing 80% by ear for very intense hard solos i use tabs
    mainly metal – blues – classic – acoustic strumming etc but im absolutely new to jazz
    Actually I never cared for jazz that much. Until i found some instrumental jazz playing in the background while doing some work
    And it was a smooth relaxing mix. Im a musician that doesn’t want to restrict art with boundaries
    If i don’t show my appreciation for a root genre like jazz i shall not be worthy of playing any kind of rock lol

    Anyways jazz is a very technical genre
    Playing it on your own gives you the chills
    Fun thing is I wanted to challenged myself to play along when you said Am7 etc so i scrolled down and listen to it
    And managed to play them. Studying theory pays off
    Fuck it’s late sorry for some of the random stuff

    Long story short
    Jazz rules
    Don’t restrict yourself to 1 – 2 genres on guitar
    A good guitarist should have at least the basics of every genre in his repertoire
    cheers !!!

  2. 박석 says:

    Thank you veru much! This is really good!!!

  3. Rob De Vos says:

    Your way of explaining is easy to follow. I came across your site in search of ways of learning how to play jazz songs on the guitar. I am more of a classical guitarist with a limited background of jazz chords and progressions. I’ll keep your advice to be patient in mind.

  4. catinabasket says:

    If you start this on the E, its killing me softly

  5. Grace Johnson says:

    At 1:47 it sounds exactly like, A Lovely Night, from La La Land.

  6. Brian Andrew says:

    Thanks for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about – Riddleagan Skillful Playing Remedy (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning complex guitar chords and become a pro without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin after many years got great results with it.

  7. Milly Molly-Mandy says:


  8. mysound withjoesmusic says:

    pls guys subscribe to my channel

  9. Mike Stan says:

    another guy giving away all the shity stuff

  10. GaryDX25 says:

    I like this

  11. Jim Curnyn says:

    Magic Justin – clear and concise teaching. Your tutorial is a priceless gift , I love this song and now can play it..

  12. Ray Ackerman says:

    Who else is wanting to learn jazz guitar because of the DeLeo brothers?

  13. PIANOSTYLE100 says:

    Justin I didn’t know you taught jazz.. I love to play it and can call always pick up ahem steal a lick from another player.. I have an old guitar channel but have been busy building my piano site on yt. This song as we get further into is a masterpiece of shuuh.. music theory.

  14. pixelatedparcel says:

    When all else fails, Justin prevails…Thanks, mate!

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