How To Re-String A Floyd Rose

How To Re-String A Floyd Rose

How To Re-String A Floyd Rose


This is a basic step-by-step tutorial on how to re-string a Floyd Rose equipped guitar.

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25 responses to “How To Re-String A Floyd Rose”

  1. Sin G says:

    Why so many monkeys bitching about floydrose? LoL I guess the fast food/plug and play generation is born!
    Put some effort in what you do you lazy fucks and you’ll feel its reward!
     Good video!

  2. Amit fortus says:

    great video! it is all explained so well and specified.

  3. Simone Riccetti says:

    You saved my day… and my guitar! Thanks!!!! 🙂

  4. Fernando Ramirez says:

    Great tutorial.

  5. Keysha West says:

    Really helpful. Thank you so much!!! And I definitely subscribed:) keep on rocking m/

  6. Brian J says:

    If you take the time to truly learn the Floyd rose it’s very simple .I feel bad for the people that can’t learn new systems. But not everyone is intelligent and I have to remember that sometimes

  7. ToastedCigar says:

    Why does my high E string always break on my ESP LTD (with a Floyd Rose), when I’m tuning the instrument after changing the strings? It breaks from the very top next to the tuning key.

  8. lovelybabyrocks says:


  9. Zac Smith says:

    this is such a pain in the ass, I know what im doing today

  10. Jason Jolin says:

    so i have been trying to change the strings of my friends sons guitar and everytime i do a string breaks. is it because i need to keep the whammy bar on it?

  11. FarOutLander says:

    I just got my first Floyd Rose guitar and I was baffled. Your video helped out. Thank you!

  12. Bruce LaVerdiere says:

    why don’t you put a shim under the bridge? 9V battery size made of cork works for me.

  13. Wings of Purity Official says:

    I have a guitar with a Floyd rose that has the same strings as the day I got it because I didn’t know how to change them. But now I know how. Thank you very much!

  14. BergmanMusic says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm although I had to adjust the springs a lot.

  15. matakasper says:

    THanks alot for the this video 🙂 It helped me alot

  16. Shay Neary says:

    I gave up on my Floyd Rose guitar. Strings would randomly snap while playing AND while trying to restring.

  17. HighCountryGuitar says:

    Hope I never have to do this in the middle of a gig! No way you could do a gig w/ a FR bridge without having a backup guitar.

  18. glue e says:

    i didnt realize that this tutorial existed so i figured it out by myself

  19. charcoalist1 says:

    Your videos have helped so much! A friend recently gave me an Ibanez with a Floyd Rose. Thanks so much. Please keep on teaching and rocking!

  20. Truth Warrior says:

    A major trick by pro guitar techs is , reducing the amount of tension on the strings by minimizing twist on them . Its tricky. What they do is wedge the floyd up so its tilted just a bit forward , then they put the string through the tuner post first and wind it on by hand allowing the string to twist freely , not in a bind by being locked down. When they have it wound on the post, they cut the string at a certain length near the bridge so when its attached at the bridge , and its released , the string is somewhat tight. They do this with each string. When your done you’ll still have to tune the guitar but the strings wont be twisted as much . If you string a guitar “normally”, sometimes the strings can have as many as 8-10 twists in them. This makes more tension on the string and reduces the strings life. If you do the non twist way , the strings will feel very loose even tuned to 440 on a full scale guitar.

    Another thing that is important is straight string pull …meaning from the bridge to the nut. Again , if its pulled from two different points ( especially on locking trems ) say a high bridge and a low nut , it will take more tension to come up to pitch. If its straight or close to straight , it takes less force to bring it to tension.

    If you ever get to play a high end thousand plus $ guitar out of the box, or play a pros guitar you’ll see what i mean. They are usually set up like this and will play like butter. Change the strings ? Where did that buttuh go? lol

    Try it , you’ll be amazed. And its actually faster then winding with a string winder.

  21. dave says:

    So far every time i put in a string or two in the saddle they come out and ruin the stringI guess im tightening them too much or something. I hate floyd rose bridges so much.

  22. Autizmo ;D says:

    Would I be able to put the strings I. Backwards? Like I keep the ball end and it goes into the tuners at the head? Because it’s a pain to use the locking but on mine because it’s misshapen. But the ball end would lock the string right?

  23. R k says:

    everytime I wound string and tighten up the tuners, the strings pop out from the bridge ,, help please

  24. bogse says:

    Thanks for the good lesson. I am going to buy a Floyd Rose guitar and this is all new to me. Some tell that put a piece of wood (or something) under the Floyd Rose so it cant tilt back (not sure if I say this correct) but you never used any piece of wood to “stop” Floyd Rose. Do you know what I am talking about and is that neseccary?

  25. Doc X says:

    Thanks for the help I appreciate it.

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