How To Set Your Guitar’s Intonation

How To Set Your Guitar’s Intonation

How To Set Your Guitar’s Intonation
This is a lesson that shows you how to set the intonation on your guitar.
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33 responses to “How To Set Your Guitar’s Intonation”

  1. Mick Dunne says:

    Thank you kind Sir
    I have a gig in a couple of days and just realised the tuning was off on my guitar. I didn’t have time to take it it to someone…. so….. with the help of your video she’s singing beautifully. thank you

  2. Alk Ward says:

    I did this with an app on my phone and boy do i have to thank you! i thought the screws were there in case the board broke or something. my guitar is sounding like a professional one

  3. whiskers says:

    its not in playing stand..aand harmonics over 12th fretted 12th way more accurate

  4. RANKOFFALL says:

    Thank you for the helpful information.

  5. Mark Scott says:

    if the guitar is still out if tune after I do this dies it mean the neck is warped?

  6. Paper Clip says:

    I love you

  7. Jay Valentine says:

    whats with all the mouth smacking

  8. dbears6 says:

    Thank you, was having a hell of a time on Rocksmith with my E being off a fret and this helped me fix intonation in just about 30-40 seconds.

  9. Gary Ferraro says:

    Less lip smacking after every sentence would be an improvement. Oh! I see I’m not the only one, eh? Nice video otherwise.

  10. RIFF PICKER says:

    Excellent video . Thanks for the info .

  11. Jet Smith says:

    great vid but damn the mouth smacking

  12. Floydthefuckbag says:

    Never seen this feature before, but Youtube asked me specifically what I thought of this video. I checked off “One of the best”. Hope that helps the channel. Great informative video.

  13. Eren says:

    i was doing fretted (12th) and open string intonation, was that false?

  14. inkey2 says:

    Intonation should “always” be set in the “playing” position…not flat on a work bench and certainly not with any pressure against the back of the neck. Many, but not all guitars are “position sensitive”…..especially basses with heavy necks.

  15. A1B2C3D4 says:

    *tunes open string to E* (Harmonic also reads perfect E on the tuner)
    *12th fretted note plays flat*
    *tunes up to pitch with intonation screw, 12th fretted reads E perfectly*
    *Plays E open/harmonic, out of pitch again* … and repeat steps until I get sad and put the guitar down

    y tho?

  16. Aesirix says:

    No matter what I do my E string is always a quarter step flat from the actual 12th fret note.

  17. Joey Fleisch says:

    I have a question please??? I have a guitar set in e standard tuning because ive never messed with intonation and truss rod or anything on guitar besides change strings i want my guitar set up for d standard so i can do d standard and drop c without sounding sludgy muddy and crappy does this apply the same way for tuning to lower tunings like this ??? I know i need thicker strings but i was just wondering if it work same way for lower tunings?

  18. Schmunkowiez says:

    what should i do when my note is too sharp, but i cant lean the sattle further backwards ?

  19. JayIceColdD says:

    So, it’s a 4 step process: tune, check harmonic, check 12th fret, adjust if necessary?
    What if the open string then goes out of tune?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. ray bryant says:

    people whine about the most asinine things.Lip smacking? The guys trying to help you FOR FREE!!!! Consider the L.S. a small fee to pay.

  21. Mark, Booth. says:

    Did you uuummm,,,eat a big whad of,,,uuuhhmmm,,,Peanut Butter before you started this video? lol..kidding,,,NOT!!!

  22. Robert says:

    After being a guitar owner for about ten years now, I’m finally getting around to learning how to do this. (shame on me, I know, but I was young when I started) is it absolutely necessary to have new strings when you intonate? Also does adjusting the height of the bridge affect it at all? Thanks! I have a fender tele, but it has the same style bridge as the strat in this video.

  23. Danfuerth Gillis says:

    Also it may help people to measure from the Nut to the 12 fret then add the same length towards the Saddle and that should be your starting point where the Adjuster blocks should be. Where the Guitar String touches the bridge should be half the length from the 12 fret to the nut. The problem is cheap guitars do not have the proper scale length routed out on the saddle so you have to put your adjuster blocks all the way to the back and then you hit the end where you still needed a few MM to finish and you are screwed. I had 2 guitars that came in for Repair that had that problem and I told the person I would not fix it simply because it involved double what the guitar cost LOL . Why are people buying $120 guitars expecting perfect intonation too funny.

  24. CRUSTY MURL says:

    I broke the screw on my b string. really pissed right now, but the video really helped. anyone know where I can get shitty screws for a schecter sgr c-1?

  25. Korsfestelse says:

    I didn’t even notice the lip smacks until reading the comments. I think that’s because I was focusing on the important stuff, like learning to adjust my guitar’s intonation…

  26. damnEh86 says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I’ve got a question, how frequently do you need to do this? Every time you tune?

  27. SuperJamesus says:

    I’m trying to do this for the first time on my custom Tele. and I can get the harmonics all the way up the neck in tune, but then 12th frett is sharp by +6 cents at least. or i can adjust and get the 12th fret in tune and the harmonic’s are flat. I cant seem to get them both I go back and forth between these too. help it’s driving me mad. recently just adjusted the neck and bridge height to set the action. help greatly appreciated 🙂

  28. crazy turk turk says:

    how come no matter how much i adjust my screws on my guitars, the intonation doesn’t change?

  29. Lijo Thomas says:

    awesome lesson man.. thank you

  30. Thinkingeyesmusic says:

    Hell yea, nice vid man!

  31. Niko942 says:

    Never mind the smacking, the constant “AH” verbal static in unbearable.

  32. Voobo says:

    great video dude. Can I use an ol electric tuner, or should I buy something advanced?

  33. Chay Inocentes says:

    This video saved me from paying to intonate my guitar 🙂 thanks and God bless! 🙂

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