THE HEAVY METAL SCALE ( Guitar Lesson ) With Tabs

THE HEAVY METAL SCALE ( Guitar Lesson ) With Tabs

THE HEAVY METAL SCALE ( Guitar Lesson ) With Tabs
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15 responses to “THE HEAVY METAL SCALE ( Guitar Lesson ) With Tabs”

  1. BLOODYMOON62 says:

    i have that guitar,thank you for your awesome vids

  2. Rogen Huhn says:

    buy a new camera

  3. stratoMgix says:

    buy a brain

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  4. artart fat says:

    Its hard and cool 🙂

  5. rami rami says:

    Before you comment something like that, look at the date of the vid before.

  6. JUNIOR BABLA Parmar says:


  7. Joosep Künnap says:

    Can i have tabs for 1:58 it sounds very cool

  8. Ralphadelic says:

    @Kane Maya Tabs are tablature for guitar music, a lot of people use it, their not hard to read at all

  9. Flauros Aguirre says:


  10. joe ardolino says:

    Bobby could you do the revelation mother earth solo lesson. It is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randy Rhoads

  11. fernando Fernadez says:

    love u thanks u very much :3

  12. Dylan Lozinski says:

    i got a question. im trying to learn guitar and was wanting to know what to practice first. chords-scales-tabs? and if u can give me other pointers that would be awesome! Help a fellow canadian out!

  13. Spam'n'egg. says:

    The harmonic minor isn’t a heavy metal scale. There is no ‘Heavy Metal’ scale, you can play any scale in heavy metal. Ozzy Ozbournes guitar players like Randy Rhodes often used the major scale in their ‘Heavy Metal’ songs. So for beginners this title and lesson is misleading.

  14. kakan147 says:

    Just search Harmonic Minor

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