Essential Spanish Guitar Chords

Essential Spanish Guitar Chords

Essential Spanish Guitar Chords

Part 1 of this video is all about showing you just how easy it can be to take ordinary (dare I say even boring chord progressions” and turn them into beautiful flamenco ones.

Spanish guitar chords have an enormously rich harmonic texture and you can get them just by making some simply changes many of the chords you already know.

This video will will give you a good idea of exactly what I’m talking about.

Check out the site for lots more examples of this, it’s great fun and sounds fantastic.

29 responses to “Essential Spanish Guitar Chords”

  1. MohawkMadness989 says:

    im still pretty new to the flemeco style sounds but what is the standard tuning used?

  2. Rohan Pathak says:

    Universal Tuning…. E A D G B E

  3. MrEngranaje says:

    I’m going to have to practice that mysterious F. My hand wasn’t ready, haha. Thanks for this video!

  4. justgibson says:

    very nice thx !!

  5. GoMiGman says:

    FANTASTIC LESSON!  This was just perfect and quick to the point which is what I really like!  Thank you nutshell!

  6. Tibo Masset says:

    good tips. those send me right back to sweet sevilla. viva andalucia la concha su madre!!!

  7. Taylor Prince says:

    Who downed this video?!?! Lol forreal get a life

  8. iodinesoul says:

    I use that F11 chord quite a bit actually.

  9. xlxchrisxlx says:

    thank you so much, reminds me of breaking bad

  10. STRAT62 says:

    Very nice, thanks!

  11. ruwan indika says:

    thank you

  12. Roy Bainton says:

    Great. Been playing bits of blues and rock for years but flamenco blows it all sideways, and this gives you a real feel of the tradition.

  13. Timothy Atwater says:

    I love you! Gypsy Kings secrets unravelled!

  14. Vashlovetool says:

    Awsome lessons, gwould appreciate if you can post more spanish guitar lessons. Cheers 👍

  15. chaaouri seif says:

    thankxxx man (y) ! that was really helpfull

  16. Sophie Bless says:

    like it thx

  17. Guitar God Secrets says:

    For some reason it reminded me of Van Halen’s “Little Guitars”. Awesome tutorial, makes Flamenco seems less intimidating 🙂

  18. Fred Westra says:

    Wow. Great lesson!!! How easy to get that real Flamenco sound. Thank you.

  19. Владислав Сытник says:

    thank u a lot! these are the most gorgeous chords on the planet!

  20. Reverb Twang says:

    flat 9 FTW m/  m/

  21. keke jazz says:

    hola ,si pudieses esplicar en español seria muy facil tus muy buenas clases.un saludo

  22. psychkoala says:

    These little tips are quite helpful. Thanks !

  23. Kh4zy says:

    I cant play that awesome flamingo F! Damnit! My middle finger cant just go so much to the right to the fret! :/

  24. Joachim Edras says:


  25. GMoorefan115 says:

    Many thanks to you as this just kinda turned the light bulb on in figuring out some progressions on my own. And your Pt2 lesson on soloing did the same. Cheers and a sincere thank you!!

  26. Joann Wahabi says:

    Enjoyed your lesson!

  27. Jordan Iasenza says:

    mysterious chord is Fmaj7(#11)

  28. Stephen Strydom says:

    I love your lessons! Will buy your course soon

  29. Midi Man says:

    Thanks for sharing.. Really nice,,

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