TECH TIP: Restringing Your Floyd Rose Guitar

TECH TIP: Restringing Your Floyd Rose Guitar

TECH TIP: Restringing Your Floyd Rose Guitar
Here we give you a quick run down on the proper way to change strings on your Floyd Rose equipped Schecter Guitar.

21 responses to “TECH TIP: Restringing Your Floyd Rose Guitar”

  1. Sandarpan says:

    Why do people keep on cutting the ball end? Just string the other end through the tuner posts. :smh:

  2. Rock Hard'Guitars says:

    What a bad boy!

  3. Robert Jirousek says:

    This guy is the textbook definition of “dude.”

  4. Tappa Tappa says:

    What a hack

  5. green dragon says:

    Hey schecter, do you guys think you could make a video on taking apart and gutting a hellraiser before you guys put in the clips for the pickups? I got one in 2011 or 2012 right before you guys did that. The insides look a little more complex than a strat lol

  6. Xiyu Yang says:

    Argh, floyd rose…I wish I knew what I was dealing with when I bought a guitar with it!

  7. AppleTrackGAMING says:

    I think you should do a tutorial on how to tune your voice.

  8. happy joe says:

    This is why I don’t use these pain in the ass bridges

  9. Gus Machine says:

    1:26 aww cringe dude

  10. Computer Side says:

    Why do people say to remove all strings, Do a string at a time and you wont need a Widge !!!!!

  11. Isaiah Hernandez says:

    How to restring Floyd Rose…
    1.Tell yourself you can do it
    3.Lose all faith
    4.Think about getting new guitar
    5.Repeat steps 1-4 until complete

  12. Carl Ogando says:

    LOL!! look at him flip that winder that was pretty cool.

  13. André Fontes says:

    Do I have to scream like someone had put a finger where the sun doesn’t shine for the process to be complete?

  14. Mark Johnston says:

    He made himself look a right dickhead at the end! LOL Mark UK

  15. Chris House says:

    Anyone else cringe when he rests the wire cutters against the fretboard?

  16. carlos galavis says:

    or you could do one string at a time and it will be easier as in chuck old string put new on and do it in balance hi e first then low e , b string then a sting and so on

  17. Thatdude inCrack says:

    What the fuckman why let the cutter touch the fretboard.. That is so wrong

  18. TheMoulinGlacia says:

    that cork method doesnt work lol. made my strings all out of wack

  19. AlexG Edits says:

    4:06 *Inserting a 1 meter dildo*

  20. *GHOST_75* says:

    What kinda guitar is that?!

  21. Alex Ablaise says:

    Biggest douche I’ve ever seen but useful video.

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