The A Minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2 (Guitar Lesson BC-121)

The A Minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2 (Guitar Lesson BC-121)

The A Minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2 (Guitar Lesson BC-121)
The A minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2
Help and More Info:
This video shows you how to play the A Minor chord and how to fix common problems with it.

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22 responses to “The A Minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2 (Guitar Lesson BC-121)”

  1. UserName0043 says:

    One of my favorite chords. Very sad sounding.

  2. Hussain Piplodwala says:

    Best chord so soothing..:)

  3. Graham Tinnion says:

    Chord box diagram in this video is wrong. I know what I should be doing for an Am. Im just letting you know. Great beginner’s coarse so far. Thanks for your hard work Justin

  4. Just me says:

    The second I played this chord I had a huge case of deja vu, just couldn’t put my finger on why, I could only think of the start to a certain Radiohead song.

    Fucking Karma Police it it turned out to be.

  5. Dirk Heeres says:

    how important is it for me to not strum the strings with an X in front of them? I find myself having the most trouble with strumming the right strings rather than having trouble with switching or doing the right fingers

  6. christian armistead says:

    just wanted to say thank you for these very helpful videos. I hope to make it all the way through, and you make it seem very possible to do!

  7. azodark says:

    I’m playing a little bit but until today I can’t play this chord perfectly! The forth and third strings always make a sound like mute, what should I do?

  8. Yunusd Dauda says:

    justin is the best he’s better than Martin and he has taught me more than anyone has.

  9. Gauge Decker says:

    I have fun

  10. anti delirious says:

    I’m still having problems with D

  11. anti delirious says:

    still trying I’m getting a little bit better

  12. Joanna Harbison says:

    arent the 2 and 3 the wrong way round on the diagram??

  13. SyncKo says:

    on the app i’m using it keeps saying i’m wrong when im not

  14. Jessica Lefever says:

    do you strum all the strings?

  15. Emmanuel PP says:

    EZ, E was my bitch and this Am is like a twin sister, i fucked them both

  16. tgchan says:

    Jesus~!!! That’s a love from the first hear~!!! It sounds marvellous~!! Thank you, Justin.

  17. No Chill challenges says:

    Thank u so much u are really helping me 😁

  18. Alin Sarrafi says:

    Justin, what is difference between MA and A alone, etc….

  19. Debbie Librescu says:

    He is really good. If having swollen, sore fingers is any indication that the course is working I’m getting it.

  20. limitbreak32 says:

    This chord sounds pretty πŸ™‚

  21. constiff3251 says:

    there was a piano ad before this vid

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