Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Guitar Lesson & Tutorial Tabs

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Guitar Lesson & Tutorial Tabs

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Guitar Lesson & Tutorial Tabs
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20 responses to “Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Guitar Lesson & Tutorial Tabs”

  1. Nana Hidayat says:

    wow,beautiful love it

  2. BigBalla says:

    Man, you are awesome! One of the best guitar tutors on Youtube!

  3. A K says:

    So I told my gf of a year that she can plan the wedding but I want our first dance to be Eric claptons wonderful tonight. I saw this video and I’ve played little guitar before but I would love to surprise her and play it myself (without her ever knowing was playing guitar) at our wedding. I know little about guitar but do you think I could just lead the tabs like this and be able to sing it to her? I love the video! Thanks!

  4. maricar francisco says:

    show more part plssssss 🙁

  5. Simon Jones says:

    Great playing and teaching!

  6. Spd15 says:

    Subscribed and liked! Your the best!

  7. Nermen Lerenz says:

    Another tutorial Please the vamps-wild heart

  8. xmandyrection says:


  9. Mads J says:

    God that yousician guy is anoying…..

  10. Ruslan Roxy says:

    hey Gareth,thank you very much!!!!👍

  11. lascelles watto says:

    please do tutorial of ‘rest your love on me ‘ by Andy Gibb, Olivia Newton John if possible. love all your videos.

  12. Erdogan Essat says:

    thank you so much for the lesson.

  13. drop box says:

    The best!!!!!

  14. sakura jane says:

    Gareth ? This is fingerstyle ?

  15. jiravit siripornsub says:

    so good!!

  16. Maurhen Munoz says:

    Ah where is the part 2?

  17. Charvien Dionanao says:

    Gareth evans for me your the best guitar teacher I’ve ever seen hahaha I want to be like you someday♥♡

  18. Jericho DeGuzman says:

    Awesome tutorial. Can you please make isn’t she lovely by Stevie wonder.

  19. Patricialoui Ziad says:

    where’s the part 2? please reply asap

  20. Rowena Porre says:

    I really want to know

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