Phir Mohabbat Guitar Chords Tutorial + Tips (Murder 2)

Phir Mohabbat Guitar Chords Tutorial + Tips (Murder 2)

Phir Mohabbat Guitar Chords Tutorial + Tips (Murder 2)

Phir Mohabbat Guitar Lesson for Beginners. Questions are welcome. I will try my best to respond to all queries in the comment section below or on my Facebook Page.

28 responses to “Phir Mohabbat Guitar Chords Tutorial + Tips (Murder 2)”

  1. Pranshu Sati says:

    from where did you get that pick

  2. Kartik Sharma says:


  3. Pritam Kumar says:

    Hey Abhijeet, thanks for the tutorials. I recorder a cover using this tutorial, although I had to go few scales down.
    Do watch it if possible . Phir Mohabbat Cover | Murder 2

  4. phalgun rao says:

    superb. !! awesome video bro !! nice explanation a!

  5. Om Dagur says:

    This is really a cool composition. Simply Awesome. Please check below link for live acoustic cover :

  6. Aslam Janzz says:

    u r a gud tacher

  7. Junaid Al Rahat says:

    very useful

  8. Varsha Bor says:

    loved it

  9. Varsha Bor says:

    Actually I’m a beginner.. thought of checking some videos on YouTube & I found your tutorials… gonna try by your help very soon.. 😊

  10. Bajao Guitar says:

    This really helped!…keep it up!
    If you’ve got time pls check my channel :
    n Suggestions r Always Welcomed here!
    thank you!

  11. Bengal Stunners says:

    One word to explain this… Wowow

  12. Rajib Pal says:

    Very nice …Abhijeet da, thanks..

  13. Ankan Debnath says:

    Sir plz Ishq wala love ki lesson daliya na….. Plz sir

  14. Shakib Vj says:

    you have a good voice…..good for playback

  15. RIO HDON says:

    sir do you have whatsapp if yes then s2nd the number

  16. Ankit Sutaria says:

    Thanks man

  17. BAP OF BAKCHODI says:

    we want channa mereya one string tabs

  18. Dibyendu Mandal says:

    what is song strumbing

  19. Saif Ali says:

    gala kew phar rahy ho😂

  20. suraj yadav says:

    bro ur voice is amazing

  21. Ashwin Deshpande says:

    Thanks brother. Love this song.

  22. Agnik Panigrahi says:

    pls give baarish jay jaykara(baahubali 2) song guitar easy tabs

  23. shuvranil Das says:

    please give me the intro of bhegi bhegi..

  24. Sourav Bhardwaj says:

    sir apka watspp nob kya hai

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