Slide Guitar In Open G Tuning – Beginner Lesson

Slide Guitar In Open G Tuning – Beginner  Lesson

Slide Guitar In Open G Tuning – Beginner Lesson
Slide Guitar in open G tuning – Beginner Lesson.

24 responses to “Slide Guitar In Open G Tuning – Beginner Lesson”

  1. Roy Smith says:

    Great lesson, many thanks!

  2. steve stickland says:

    great lesson – very simple and well chosen as an intro to slide – thanks Man

  3. AIRMAN BEAR says:


  4. Shane oconnor-smith says:

    Thanks think I’m on my way

  5. Virginia Nolan says:

    I played folk guitar in my youth, and have decided to learn to play slide guitar. Imagine an old lady of 72 doing this, so simple once you know how.

  6. tedje van es says:

    Super Jon!Well done.Like Virgina I am old and playing in G now!Keep on with the good work!

  7. Thomas Barn says:

    Great lesson thank you

  8. Josef Garhammer says:

    Thank you, one of the best lessons for Tuning in open G and first steps for slide guitar.

  9. hogboyventura says:

    Thank you mate

  10. Skeefus says:

    tuning from low to high:

  11. Gary Wellings says:

    Ace mate

  12. Sling Shot says:

    thanks man!

  13. Paul Hudson says:

    Great beginners lesson, enjoyed it , very clear instructions, thanks brother.

  14. WysteriaGuitar says:

    That was a brilliant beginner lesson.

  15. veloramaru says:

    Great teacher! Tasty pronounce 🙂

  16. Lee Treilhard says:

    Great lesson! Thanks.

  17. Ophelia Ailius says:

    your bob poster made me watch your video. what a beautiful face

  18. G Willi says:

    You look like a young Michael Caine.

  19. Tono Markes says:

    Thanks Jon very useful lesson. I’m in open G which I love it.
    Why not more lessons in open G?. Thanks a lot!

  20. Lindenblüte says:

    Can me tell someone, why always break my 5th by tuning to G? I play guitar since 3 years but never try this…. my guitar is an sunsmile acoustic – thanks for any ideas 😀

  21. Gabriel Adler says:

    Jon, is there a way to make a donation to your site? I looked for you on Patreon but couldn’t find you there. I’ve learned a lot from your lessons and would like to show my appreciation. Unless you are independently wealthy, that is.

  22. peter bland says:

    first guitar age 69 Christmas 2016,been practicing from various brilliant youtube videos.I`ve always loved slide guitar and just found your fantastic video.broken it down with pen and paper so I can read and follow.I can now produce some amazing sounds.Having great fun practicing,Hope I can get it.WARNING it took me 3 broken strings before I realised I couldn`t re tune to an open G from a standard guitar tuner.Many thanks Peter

  23. raindogred says:

    for elmore james stuff i think he was in a vestapol tuning…not sure what key but if you played exactly what you played here.. it sounds better and closer to elmore was doing.

  24. bigmagic96 says:

    Many thanks John. Great for us newbies to slide! 🙂

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