Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson
An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Pink Floyd song – Wish You Were Here. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can also find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂

29 responses to “Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson”

  1. James Shelton says:

    This is the model on which all tutorials should be based! You are a master! 🙂

  2. Luis Gavilanes Colcha says:

    Buena música.

  3. Bader Gargum says:

    beautiful but hard to learn

  4. Tayisiya Boldewijn says:

    Nice))) thank you very much!)))

  5. John Kishap says:

    Alan, you’re very good this song and sing to beat, I’ll now sit for a week on this topic, bad given solo party.

  6. John Kishap says:

    in fact, every man that is close in spirit, and if some things are not yours, then this song is exactly your Alan,

  7. Jordi Lanka says:

    It would be just perfect that you add the lyrics on the bottom. But noy only for this song but for all. Specially for the people that follows you from Spain or other non-english speaking countries. Your tutorials are just great! Thanks, buddy!!

  8. Marcio Gimenes Ruiz says:

    Terrific, man!!!!!
    One sugestion: can you classified your lessons by level of dificulty? example: a = easy, d= hardest

  9. mang313 says:

    Just found you on YT. Great lessons man. No bullshit, just teaching as simply as possible. You have a new subscriber!

  10. La cuerda al aire says:

    +1 Like…Add to my favorites. Really good job Alan ;-))

  11. john carney says:

    Master class allan

  12. Mike S Berlin says:

    Bro! You’re the best!

  13. Luis Fernando :$ says:

    can you put the letter of the song, ty dont dont forget us, you are amazing, saludos desde colombia

  14. luis chavez says:

    You´re great dude thaks a lot

  15. salomon torres says:

    wicked games, ojala y puedas leer mi mensaje, he aprendido mucho con tus lecciones, saludos desde baja california mexico

  16. Cheng Leng Vang says:

    Came here to learn the chords but ended up singing along. Lol

  17. jhon jairo pimienta porras says:

    Saludos. Gracias. Estoy impresionado por estilo pedagogico de su tutorial. >Super!!!

  18. Divino César says:

    You’re very good! I went to subscribe but found out that I had already done so!

  19. Farooq Ali says:

    great lesson, the slow motion really helps

  20. FABIO FAR.22BM says:

    muito bom .. parabéns

  21. FABIO FAR.22BM says:

    muito bom .. parabéns

  22. JBM T says:

    Todas as lições são muito boas. Obrigado, Bem haja

  23. jamal bennay says:

    Very interesting thank you for the tutorial JAMAL from MOROCCO

  24. Tux Vans says:

    the moment when you are waiting for him to start sing, expecting well known tone from his throad after well played intro, and here it really comes. 🙂

  25. pm courriers says:

    J’adore bravo 👏

  26. Siobhan Phoenix says:

    I really love how you set your videos up. I can see the chords and jam along with you!

  27. Douglas Verka says:

    Ola sou do brasil. adorei seus videos. inscrito e curtidas 😀 obrigado pelos videos….

  28. Crooked TV says:

    Watching you since 2011 and even today I was wondering you put such an effort on each guitar tutorial. I mean all those animated instruction strumming pattern even the solos. Bravo man. You are awesome.

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