Beginner Lead Guitar Lesson: The Ten Basic Lead Guitar Moves

Beginner Lead Guitar Lesson: The Ten Basic Lead Guitar Moves

Beginner Lead Guitar Lesson: The Ten Basic Lead Guitar Moves
NOTE: MY GUITAR IS TUNED DOWN 1/2 STEP – more below. For the complete lesson, check out For all the FREE lessons and tips, visit

At its core, playing lead guitar is a matter of mastering some fundamental movements and combining them to form seemingly complex phrases. In this lesson, we’ll boil everything down to Ten Basic Moves!

PLEASE NOTE THAT MY GUITAR IS TUNED DOWN 1/2 STEP. This was not intentional, but rather a mistake – sorry for any confusion. You can either tune your guitar down 1/2 to match me or simply play the examples one fret lower. Remember that these are just movement combos – they can be played anywhere on the neck.

32 responses to “Beginner Lead Guitar Lesson: The Ten Basic Lead Guitar Moves”

  1. Vivek Arya says:

    Thanks for this , it was really helpful sir

  2. Thufir Hawatt says:

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks.

  3. bhuvan joshi says:

    amazing sir

  4. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    This was super helpful. I could do all of these and now it makes a whole lot more sense. I will apply these all. Thanks!

  5. Samuel Sut says:

    Help ful thank

  6. Manny Singh says:

    thank u sir

  7. Krishna Das says:

    i m really glad to u like a teacher thank u sir.

  8. Brian Lamacraft says:

    Thanks Jim for the lesson. While I’m beyond this in my playing, these are THE building blocks. If you’re above this sort of basic playing, GO find another lesson. We all started form here and we ALL SUCKED the first time we played these scales. I’m so SICK of elitist guitar pricks who think they know everything. Guess what genius, YOU too sucked at one time or another! It’s designed to help beginners get around on lead guitar. Keep up the good work Jim.

  9. ANN Linley says:

    This is a great guitar lesson. I am a little further down the road but this is a solid foundation for the fundamentals. I love guys and girls who take the time to post videos that help the beginner player. Even Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Eddie were all students at one time.

  10. matt sawers says:

    what determines the target note peoples and when to play the target note???

  11. Retro Gamer Japan says:

    great video. it helps to transition from just playing the scale over and over to actually playing something that sounds like music! thank you!

  12. Gigi44 says:

    nice, I’ll put video as one of my favorites, I w learn them step by step. I’m late in playing, at my age but I enjoy coming home from work and play every day.

  13. Sangpite Innkuan says:


  14. Glenn Gerding says:

    Good stuff

  15. Trọng Trần says:

    1 Hammer on 2 Double hammer on 3 Pull off 4 D pull off 5 Bend

  16. tushar sharma says:

    cool sir reAl cool

  17. kilian Reidy says:

    you are pretty good

  18. Nerenahd Dhaneren says:

    Man, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I can do some basic solos using all 5 positions, hitting all roots, IVs and Vs on a 12 Bar Blues, but I still lack these building blocks. This is perfect for me. Can’t thank you enough. Cheers from Brazil.

  19. Charles Porsbjer says:

    Hey, George Lucas called in looking for his cheap transition effects. You don’t have them you think?

  20. butts says:

    See, my problem is the “put it all together” part. Ive been playing guitar since i was 10, i know all those movements you just described, but I feel like I cant “put them all together” in a way that sounds appealing for the life of me. I took lessons practicing scales for years, did my finger exercises, did all the ground work I should have but every time I try to solo it just comes out sounding stupid.

    This was actually the reason I stopped taking lessons and kind of gave up on guitar for 10 years. I was so frustrated with not being able to do the one thing I took up guitar to do that I just gave up. Now im 30 and trying to start “learning” again and I still feel like im lost because just knowing the scales will only take you so far, it takes intuition to be able to put it all together for a solo.

  21. Simon Mcgrath says:

    Thank you for us guys and girls who are good but not brilliant thanks

  22. BEvery Affraid says:

    Great video It’s all there.Super lesson!!!

  23. MegaLithiumTom says:

    great lesson, thanks.

  24. scorp4165 says:

    why would you tune down for basic tuition!

  25. mr. perfect flow-less says:


  26. Monzurul Islam Himel says:

    that’s preety interesting 😍

  27. rf w says:

    Jim, your vibrato looks effortless.. Did it come natural to you? I’m an extreme right handed person and am very uncoordinated on any task involving my left hand and arm. Good stuff.

  28. David Vijay says:

    Thank you

  29. clayton stoltz says:


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