Guitar Lesson For Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101)

Guitar Lesson For Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101)

Guitar Lesson For Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101)
In this Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101) I answer some of the very common questions that beginners ask about learning to play the guitar.

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11 responses to “Guitar Lesson For Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101)”

  1. Melliza Rose Lim says:

    Thank you Justin for making this video. It is great help for a newbie like me who wants to learn guitar. keep it up =)

  2. Hamza Asghar says:

    playing guitar for 25 years??? how old aree you??

  3. letitreign says:

    just leaving this comment here. i’m gonna learn to play guitar with this playlist. i actually started third or fourth week of february learning from this beginners course playlist. thank you justin. πŸ™‚

  4. Lucas Fontenot says:

    Your awesome man. Used to watch Marty music (who is great) but he is no where near as organized and detailed as you are. I’m progressing faster than ever. Thanks man

  5. imkindofodd says:

    I practice about an hour a day is that ok?

  6. Shad LPS says:

    this helps allot…..

  7. Michael Juma says:

    hello Justine, kindly tell me the difference between your Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners videos the one with 72 videos and the one with 103 videos to me they alike….

  8. Larry Loetscher says:

    you are amazing

  9. James Morrow says:

    I need to learn Guitar.

  10. saurabh yadav says:

    Thank you for your awesomeness Justin!

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