How To Hold The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #2

How To Hold The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #2

How To Hold The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #2
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Welcome to the second video from the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. This guitar lesson is for beginners that want to know the correct way to hold the guitar. Nate Savage demonstrates three popular methods and provides some practical tips along the way.

In this video you will learn the casual method, the classical method, and how to use a guitar standing up with a strap. As with many aspects of playing the guitar – it’s always important to learn how to do things correctly from the start, so you don’t have to change habits in the future. That is a common theme in guitar lessons for beginners.

You can the other beginner guitar lessons in this playlist:

24 responses to “How To Hold The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #2”

  1. Sneha Murlidhar says:

    Hi! Mr. Nate Savage,
    can i know that when we buy guitars whether they have divided them into “left handed guitar & right handed guitars” ? & if yes, as i am a left handed person i will have to buy a “left handed guitar right?” if the Yamaha FG700S is better for a beginner like me, if i catch up the lessons properly & continue playing it,later on will i have to buy another guitar except for Yamaha FG700S or i can keep on playing the Yamaha FG700S?
    Thank you.

  2. Prince Saikia says:

    I feel comfortable in the first position. thanks for making this video it helped a lot😊

  3. Gage Kane says:

    These videos really helped me play the guitar. Even I took notes so l can remember to play the guitar

  4. Sarmad Sami says:

    What is the difference between steel string and nylon strings? and Which one has clear and nice sound?

  5. Amina Vance says:


  6. abdul wahab says:

    how i can hold the guitar because i am left hander.
    but thank you guys

  7. Karyme Martinez says:

    In the next video does it show you which strings are a and. B and c and d ? Cause I used to play viola and I forgot he notes cause that was over 2 years ago

  8. Gurkiran Bindra says:

    I am a complete beginner. I don’t even own a guitar as yet. Can you tell me what kind of guitar I should purchase and what all i should be seeing/checking in order to purchase a good one?

  9. vajje2k5 says:

    So how do you hold the guitar in a good way, when you got a big belly in the way?

  10. Life style says:

    Your Guitar lessons are very helpful!!
    Thank you Sir

  11. neetu singh says:

    I’m just a kid n I’m not able to hold the guitar properly please reply

  12. Dulce Ramirez says:

    what i have is a classical acoustic guitar, so it has nylon strings. will i still be able to learn with the one i have??

  13. AssassinWolf Gaming says:

    I’m left handed

  14. Nintendo Julian says:

    I’m left handed so I didn’t get this 🙁

  15. Lydia says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, I’m only 15 and have always wanted to learn guitar ever since I saw my dad play in the church band at a young age but just never did it. So just recently I thought why not teach myself how to play and get my dad to help me. These videos have already helped a lot thank you so much!

  16. Kellen Redmond says:

    I can learn now finally thank you

  17. isaaceichon says:

    Really great dude! Thanks

  18. Crafts Fan says:

    What are frets

  19. Crystalpopo 2227 says:

    thank you for the vids!!

  20. Raima Ahmad says:

    while sitting down (casual and classical method) do we have to use the strap?

  21. Chopper Harner says:

    Hey Nate I don’t know how old this video is but I hope your still reading these I’m a freshly out of dumb ass land newb and I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar and I was hoping if you have tips if I could pick them out of your brain

  22. Dawson Tankersley says:

    If I’m trying to learn with a capo, do I do anything differently?

  23. Phoenix Creates says:


  24. Gary Bennett says:

    If you hold your guitar so that you can’t see you strings and frets then how do you know where to put your fingers?

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