Passenger – Let Her Go – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover By James Bartholomew

Passenger – Let Her Go – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover By James Bartholomew

Passenger – Let Her Go – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover By James Bartholomew
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Tab playthrough video:

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This is my arrangement of Let it Go by Passenger.

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Gear Used
Guitar – Baton Rouge AR101S/GACE
Strings –
Capo –
Microphones –
Small Audio Interface –
Big Audio Interface –
Camera –
Zoom Lens –
25mm Lens –
42.5mm Lens –
Recording Software – Logic Pro X

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39 responses to “Passenger – Let Her Go – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover By James Bartholomew”

  1. André Giordani says:

    Awesome bud!!!

  2. Jacob Famalam says:

    only thing thats bad about this is the shitty guitar haha, sounds pretty yucky, but impressive nonetheless

  3. Vipin Rao says:

    Great arrangement!!! Can i ask you how many times you record before you get THE recording ? xD

  4. samuel briones says:

    tutorial please? 🙁

  5. Arren Ancheta says:

    Can you please have the acoustic version of So far away by Carole King

  6. Alina_Z says:

    Сделай разбор

  7. Nicole_Creates says:

    Wow, this is really inspiring to me..I’m a beginner and would love to play this song and you blew me away with your wonderful playing. Keep up the great work! : )

  8. Saptorshi Athai says:

    Simply wow

  9. tom wu says:

    No words can describe the brilliance of this song.

  10. Dominik Priščák says:

    James , you will build web page with all your songs on tab for people , you is very good guitar player

  11. DB Light says:

    Nailed it!

  12. Thomas Lépine says:

    Where do you learn your songs?

  13. taira deshpande says:

    this is beautiful…

  14. 한지웅 says:

    where can we find a sheet of music?

  15. Franco Padilla Flores says:

    Stalker OST – Dirge for the planet plz :3 plz

  16. Mubaris mubi says:

    need tab

  17. Micaela Fernández says:

    shape of you i watt!!!

  18. Slade Neilson says:

    lesson ?

  19. Николай Цыб says:

    Сколько времени у тебя уходит на снятие и разучивание песни???)) very cool! Thank you!

  20. Dead Slayer says:

    beyond perfection …..

  21. zeke Willard says:

    What microphone do you use?

  22. Eralp saygın says:

    i thought that im lissening not a cover real one u are perfect m8

  23. Gabriel Desrochers says:

    nice song you have a very good talent

  24. Nicholas Chan says:

    Hello! Just recently picked up a guitar and found your channel
    I was wondering which songs could be recommended for a beginner like me?

  25. 王浩瀚 says:

    how can i download this tab?

  26. Alonzo Rivera says:

    This inspires me to play my guitar more👌

  27. Nuel Raja says:

    This is my favorite song. Let alone on the acoustic cover.

  28. Kurt rabot says:

    can you play go flex by post malone

  29. Христо Илиев says:

    How did you learn the vocals. From where?

  30. Mc Fabulous says:

    Was it intentionally 4:20 in length. 😂

  31. Nicolas Lam says:

    tbh.. this channel should get more subscribers

  32. wahyu kuncoro says:


  33. Kopiihd says:

    Can I use this with my lyrics I’ve made plz

  34. Xlejo V.M says:

    Eres Increíble !!

  35. awesomesauce666 says:

    as time goes by I start missing her less and less, my mind was once just a great big mess. thru meditation I have learned it wasn’t the love but the attachment to her that I was missing the most. not sure I will ever find another woman to attach myself like i did with her but I am truly okay with that fact..I have changed in all the ways she wanted but yet somehow I still feel the same in the way, that I wouldn’t be what she needs and I am happy i didn’t take my own life just yet. something tells me that this life of mine must and will go on for little longer

  36. The notorious UFC king says:

    Do good charlotte song please

  37. Rocío Sequeira says:

    Que hermoso escucharte, cuanto talento tienes, me alegra haberte encontrado

  38. Bobby Wihandy says:

    apike rek

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