10 Fun Picking Songs On Guitar!

10 Fun Picking Songs On Guitar!

10 Fun Picking Songs On Guitar!
This is a brief tutorial (with TAB) for 10 of my favorite picking songs!
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11 responses to “10 Fun Picking Songs On Guitar!”

  1. sabbynim says:

    I don’t even understand how to play a note. I have no idea wtf this guy is talking about.

  2. David Clifford Wiff says:

    0:38 And the rest is gonna be up to our right hand…. xD

  3. rainx21 outdoorsman says:

    dude your first thing confused me like I cant do that at all like fr the barring was weird

  4. Dale Bello says:

    This was all easy

  5. broly the Legendary Super Saiyan says:

    Smile much jk

  6. Nox Gaming says:

    fade to black is also good

  7. Amanda Ailshie says:

    Great video and very talented!! But I couldn’t keep up😥😕

  8. ADRIKOSdms says:

    5:48 *tabs’ high man*

  9. Sayem_aips Tube A1 says:

    Hi Md Abu Sayem from bangladesh watching your video its amezing You are very good teacher. Special Thanks

  10. Darrell Braun Guitar says:

    Check out my 10 favourite fingerpicking songs here:

  11. Lyuben Tonchev says:

    Great video! The song I enjoyed the most was “Simple man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Thanks for the tabs. Very helpful 🙂

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