Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-102) How To Play

Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-102) How To Play

Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-102) How To Play
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we learn one of the easiest songs ever – Feelin Alright – based kinda on the Joe Cocker version. It uses a capo and only two chords – A and D , so great for people doing my beginners course, stage 1! I have included some slightly more advanced ideas too, cooler strumming and chords if you are up for it!

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35 responses to “Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-102) How To Play”

  1. didgeboy287 says:

    @chaserc9393 In case you were still wondering (since I saw you replied a month ago) it’s the E form of C7. Bar an “E7” chord on the 8th fret and there you go. The F there I THINK is an F13 (or 9 or 11 I don’t really know) BUT it’s formed like 8 10 10 X 10 8. You’ll have to see his lesson under blues BL-206. At any rate, this is an awesome song to practice your chord inversions.

  2. Captain Rhodes says:

    only version he doesnt mention is of this tune is by the guys who wrote it traffic, dave mason more specifically the best version in my opinion

  3. MrVayden says:

    Fucking genius! .. thanks Justin!

  4. GroupElevation1 says:

    great stuff, thank u ironic, been playing for a long time did not no how easy it is to play,

  5. GroupElevation1 says:

    great job, learned scales as a kid , that will keep them playing, when way young could not wait till i could have played a song w my friends great approach, u will do well and iam sure are already

  6. Natalie Esk says:

    I love you Justin

  7. Steve T says:

    first time I picked up a guitar at a young 51 yrs old …just got your song book and this is the first song I am going to have a go at with the up beat strumming…lucky I have a man cave at the bottom of the garden (away from folk) to practise

  8. Jason Hoffman says:

    This is not to take away from the good here in the fact that I enjoy anyone giving lessons on youtube, but the song is not attributed correctly, Joe Cocker did a wonderful version, but originally this was performed by Traffic and written by Dave Mason.

  9. Dennis Gaffney says:

    this lesson gets better and better

  10. michael chapleLast says:

    Excellent Lesson!! Thanks Justin!!

  11. TheKeetkeet66 says:

    I always like to hear the song played first to hear how it should sound… then hear the lesson. thanks

  12. Martin Volk says:

    Jason, Love the videos…but this one fell a bit short…How about a follow-up lesson on the Traffic version incorporating the bass line, piano riffs, and guitar & sax fills to help make the song more interesting when playing solo. Would go a long way to help me (and maybe some others) to learn to improvise basic tunes like this. Thanks!

  13. Martin Volk says:

    Oops, meant Justin…sorry about that!

  14. Linda Mcparlan says:

    I love your videos, very easy to follow. Plus, you ate just so cute & charming. Awesome!

  15. Linda Mcparlan says:

    You are so cute & charming, lol!

  16. MrRichiehamburg says:

    At 4:04 it sounds like you’re using a different pattern to the one you’d just explained.

  17. Paws Pawlisko says:

    Over 5mins About spreading rainbow under just 2 chords – X-MEN.

  18. The Unamazing Atheist says:

    what happens if you don’t have a capo?

  19. Aj killemall says:

    Hey Jason outstanding job of teaching!!!  Just the right speed for us old folks (62).  I was wondering do you have a lesson for ” That Smell by Skynyrd  ” with the Solos really slow ..I would really appreciate it .  Thanks   A J

  20. Draegor X says:

    Another great lesson Justin. But may I suggest adding something like “Capo needed” in the lesson title?

  21. CeCes Beads says:

    Mine sounds like trash! I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I know it’s the A chord I’m messing up on. I just can’t see the fingering. I can play an A chord, just having trouble with the capo. Can anyone help?

  22. FALSE says:

    Grand Funk Railway lol? Joke or is that what folks call them in England?

  23. Kaden Hussain says:

    I think you should do a video of your guitar collection

  24. David Robertson says:

    Hey Justin- Really enjoying your instructional videos. Great teacher! Many thanks.

  25. Linda Provenzano says:

    Hey Justin Is it poss for you to teach us “Don’t Let the Sen Catch You Cryin by Gerry an the Pacemakers. An how about Ferry Cross the Mersey. Theseare forgotten songs an there both quite good.

  26. Muneef M says:

    can anyone please tell me which guitar is that?

  27. wright vcx says:

    dammit justin

  28. tgchan says:

    Not easy at all lol

  29. Roger Holland says:

    Hi Justin, love your style and personality ! Trying to play Tears from Heaven. Can you help ?

  30. Roger Holland says:

    Eric Clapton looks very advanced. No surprise to me !

  31. William Kitchin says:

    Justin, a question? Why not just play C & F with no capo??? Just wondering.

  32. envyyouu says:

    If you are strumming down down up up up down what are the timings for each note ?
    I’m guessing the first two notes are 1 whole beat what about the rest ?

  33. Dave G says:

    I have your songbook, but have to say that I need your videos to help me as it makes it a lot easier to learn

  34. MsBenballs says:


  35. Silvio Moraes says:

    Man, I remeber you from long time ago, teaching my peggy sue

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