Sweet Child O’mine – How SLASH Plays It – Guitar Lesson – In Standard Tuning

Sweet Child O’mine – How SLASH Plays It – Guitar Lesson – In Standard Tuning

Sweet Child O’mine – How SLASH Plays It – Guitar Lesson – In Standard Tuning
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26 responses to “Sweet Child O’mine – How SLASH Plays It – Guitar Lesson – In Standard Tuning”

  1. Tyris says:

    You awesome dude got it in a giff

  2. Dimberl Bistoyong_27 says:

    Pls give a lesson for acoustic thanks

  3. Mike Davidson says:

    Wat type of amp u using

  4. David Afterblajven says:

    This doesn’t even make any sense.
    You say that this is the way Slash plats it.
    But you use standard tuning.
    The whole “appetite for destruction” album is a half step down.

  5. Robert Lepine says:

    Can someone tell me why it is tuned down a half step? thnx

  6. Selena Lamothe says:

    your guitar sounds lovely!

  7. Lennart Jnsm4 says:

    What settings do you use? It sounds great!

  8. Austin Perry says:

    Thank you very much for the lesson helped out so much finally know how to play this sick guitar solo

  9. Anthony Mallinder says:

    although your camera quality is bad you explain things better than other youtubers. well done i learned the chorus quicker with you than i did with anyone else.

  10. klon 999 says:

    Agreed that this is the fingering how Slash plays it. Nice job with the lesson.

  11. seamanjive says:

    Where any cats harmed during the making of this video – what a horrible tone.

  12. bowhunterron says:

    Hi Mark, I’m getting better! Iv been at it for about a month now, not everyday but 3-4 time a week. I’m happy with the results. just the last part of the intro, I’m having trouble to get the beat in my head hahaha. Thank Mark!

  13. austin cutty says:

    when i got my guitar i remember just picking notes and not really playing anything cool then 3 years ago I watched this video trying to learn to play my first riff I remember writing this all out on a sheet of paper and practicing the notes for the next few hours and practicing the next day and within two days I got the riff down and was able to play along with the song soon after I just started learning songs very easily in the beginning I liked the classic 60’s and 70’s rock and roll and learned all Hendrix songs and Zeppelin riffs and then the sound I liked grew heavier and I found metallica and megadeth and the genre of metal and trying to play metal songs has really made me a better guitarist my speed accuracy and control has improved so much by playing metal songs everyday and I want to thank u because I don’t think if I ever learned this riff from you I don’t think I would learn to play anything and would still be a beginner guitarist thank you for starting me off man

  14. Aryaman bahl says:

    wish learn it fast 🙁

  15. TJ 2706 says:

    Is this a good riff for a beginner to learn as as a first??

  16. steven collins says:

    great , easy to follow.

  17. Ritwick Bhattacharya says:

    can u add the tutorial for the full song

  18. Kerfala Doumbouya says:


  19. official mike charlie says:

    too fast

  20. Keely Worth says:

    What about the right hand – the plucking. Is it what you’re most comfortable with, or is there a “best” way? Super important.

  21. Michael Koller says:

    why you cant play it quick at the beginning!??? christ…

  22. João Gabriel Matsuda Verdi says:

    Im preety sure u have to play half a step down on each note since slash tunes guitars half a step down, thats how u play on his tune

  23. Julio Enriello says:

    Pretty good, I like that you did not make this much a seminar like many others do on youtube, fantastic

  24. phily *** says:

    Think you got enough reverb on??


    this is wrong slashes guitar is drop tuned so you play it on the 11th trust me If you play along on the 11th it is the same

  26. Ritthik Paul says:

    tnk u…..
    Now I properly understand the last part……
    Thank You So Much……😊😊😊

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