Tuning Guitar – How To Tune Guitar With A Digital Tuner

Tuning Guitar – How To Tune Guitar With A Digital Tuner

Tuning Guitar – How To Tune Guitar With A Digital Tuner
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In this video we demonstrate how to tune a guitar to standard tuning using a clip-on digital chromatic tuner. This tuning method can be used for acoustic, electric, and classical guitars alike. Chromatic tuners like the one in this video can also be used to tune bass guitars, ukuleles and violins.

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12 responses to “Tuning Guitar – How To Tune Guitar With A Digital Tuner”

  1. Jaron Cooper says:

    my A is tuning as a C and im super confused (im incredibly new to guitar in genral and all help is appreciated)

  2. Gold Assassin says:

    Thank you this helped alot!

  3. Rachna Srivastava says:

    guys I don’t get the numbering there that “A=440” thingy mine just went on to 445 by mistake. Can anyone help making me understand?

  4. soaring138 says:

    And if I want to have all the strings 1/2 tone down ?

  5. Julia Music says:

    So helpful!! 🙂

  6. angela blanchard says:

    Hi I’m trying to learn to play the guitar and I was wondering if you could help me 🙂

  7. Robert Sullivan says:

    could you tell me the model number of that guitar tuner i want to buy that one thank you as always forever young god bless bobby lee 007

  8. Sea Of Sin says:

    How does the tuner automatically know the note you are trying to tune for each string? Mine doesn’t – confused???

  9. Krissy Morrison says:

    my a string broke as soon as i tuned it up 🙁

  10. Emmanuel Gutierrez says:

    How about the ? Is has to be 440???

  11. Samantha Case says:

    When I try to do my 5th string to A it doesn’t work it’s too loose

  12. Zia Mustafa says:

    thanks you bro

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