Bonus Lesson: TUNING – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons

Bonus Lesson: TUNING – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons

Bonus Lesson: TUNING – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons
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Finally, the intricate secrets to one of the most iconic guitar styles of the last 40 years, directly from the source. To be notified via email when the next guitar lesson is released, sign up for the James Taylor mailing list at

James Taylor’s beautiful, complex, original guitar technique has been celebrated and imitated by some of the greatest musicians in the world. Now, Taylor himself is posting detailed lessons of his famous guitar style on the web, free of charge.

With innovative camera angles and slow motion demonstrations, students at all levels can clearly see every move and hear every individual note that goes into creating Taylor’s iconic songs.

17 responses to “Bonus Lesson: TUNING – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons”

  1. James Goodman says:

    I can’t believe I’ve only just found these videos! learning from James Taylor, awesome!

  2. weldrocks says:

    What does the bass player do?

  3. Wally Hall says:

    this is great stuff, and, when Maestro lands a bit sharp, he pushes down on the string between the nut and the tuner…..I’d always “bent” the note…..this makes far more sense.
    Thank You sir!

  4. cseeger1 says:

    I just now tuned up my Epi Hummingbird with a Peterson Strobe using Baby James’ triple top secret tuning formula, and sonofabitch! She rings like a bell. Hasn’t sounded this good in the 10 years I’ve owned her.

  5. David Holland says:

    so… I play ukuleles… one with low G wound and a C wound.. one with standard gCEA and one with 8 strings.. g4g3/c5c4/e4e4/a4a2. the 3 bass strings are all wounds.. so yeah this gives me a headache trying to think how to use this info for my setups

  6. dreamtimej says:

    It’s nice to See James Taylor “present” in 2017!

  7. Mark Kelly says:

    He said this tuning compensated for using a capo, but what if you don’t?

  8. MinisterOfMojo says:

    Is this the guitarist’s version of quantum theory?

  9. ariel Cruz says:

    but you did not play it after you tune it.

  10. doobiescoo1 says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Taylor. I love it. It sounds so much better. All the best to you!

  11. Jim Forgrave says:

    wtf…I wouldnt give ya 2 cents for that tuner. The thing bounced around more than a 2 year old!

  12. Jōzəf Heißeswasser says:

    How can people ‘not like’ these videos, they are getting free lessons from a tried and true ‘Legend’!

  13. The Mystic Sessions says:

    Thanks James! (huge fan here since I was a toddler!)

    One thing I think folks are missing here in the comments is that you’re providing a tuning that’s intended for rough and ready performance, on stage, with switching songs and keys during a single performance, without being “that guy” that keeps switching guitars between songs, or re-tuning ad nauseum.

    That would get in the way of your connection to an audience.

    Sure… if we want to get a recording just right, why not tune for the specific song (depending on whether you have to hit the bass notes hard or not, whether the inconsistencies are important for that song, where the capo is, etc.)

    But what you’ve got here works well for the 1) real life 2) on stage 3) rough and ready for anything 4) stay engaged with the audience kind of music.

    Thanks again!

  14. terrypussypower says:

    James needs some Nut Sauce on that geetar!

  15. Mr Tom says:

    Mr. James Taylor has been such an inspiration to me, and maybe ironically because I used to live in S.E. Massachusetts and now I’m living close to North Carolina.. which James also has lived from what I remember from time to time. Although I probably will never meet him in person, I would like to Thank Him anyways.. recently after many years (since 1984) of playing acoustic guitar and other acoustic and electronic instruments, I finally have 6 songs commercially licensed… although I “do not” play even as half as well as Mr. James Taylor does, his longevity and songwriting continues to inspire me going forward. And if he comes touring again to South Carolina (like he did last time, to Columbia, S.C.) .. I will be there again. Thank You Mr. Taylor, I appreciate You. – Mr. Tom –

  16. loZoneranger560 says:

    WHAAAT? This is brand new to me. I’ll be thinking about this one! Thanks for the ‘new world’, James!

  17. John Link says:

    A capo will not pull any strings sharp if you put the capo directly on the fret instead of behind it.

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