Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Complete Guitar Lesson

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Complete Guitar Lesson

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Complete Guitar Lesson
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Hello friends,
Welcome to another By Request song tutorial. In this lesson I’ll show you how to play Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” in it’s entirety. We’ll learn the tunes iconic intro, both guitar solos and the chords and strumming patterns for the verse and chorus. This song mixes beginner and advanced level techniques, providing valuable learning opportunities for all players regardless of experience. Let’s get started
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28 responses to “Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Complete Guitar Lesson”

  1. swiftlessons says:

    Thanks so much to my Patreon supporters for making these lessons possible! You can find your official tablature and chord sheet at:

  2. super saiyan says:

    Just wow… lesson/cover ppl like you are my inspiration to keep on 7 months finger picking mainly

  3. Mel Bampton says:

    This is the shittest vedeio I. Have ever watched your a fucking stupid idiot

  4. keepitup says:

    a mirror image look would be so great with this video

  5. Richard Viade says:

    When you start singing why do the G chord like that if obviously there are beginners watching and they might not be able to recognice that chord and get confused

  6. Lowell Calavera says:

    Thank you!

  7. Jessy Coulombe says:

    avec le chien mort derrière ahahahah

  8. Rick Sanchez says:

    Ебать сложно, но чувак играет как бог просто

  9. omkar sharma says:

    Perfect ! I am learning majority of my songs from your channel , fantastic work ! Keep it up !

  10. Orlando Rymer says:

    Great voice goes great with the song!!👌🏽thank you

  11. ayush maharjan says:

    Can you do
    deep purple-soilder of fortune

  12. shubham roxx says:

    can you please give a tutorial on nothing else matter-mettallica

  13. Jerry Hughes says:

    When I want to see how it’s done properly, I check out Swiftlessons.


    buen video viejon saludos desde mexico df

  15. Nice Breasts says:

    His voice is so pure and unedited.

  16. Rich D says:

    This guy is great!

  17. SRISTI RIZAL says:

    your dog sleeping on the floor is quite lucky..

  18. Khalia Jackson says:

    People are saying there’s a dog.. literally haven’t noticed it 😂 I’m trying to figure out how to play the song

  19. Steven Benefield says:

    Why don’t you do covers

  20. Rojan K.c. says:

    Thank you swift lessons for this tutorial…it is very helpful…thank you

  21. Kryptic Studios says:

    Dam it that strumming pattern is what got me lol

  22. Juan Cruz Albo says:

    Congratulation!!! very good!!!

  23. jeroen van gelder says:

    wow nice men 😉 also a good voice

  24. asalv60 says:

    What type and weight strings are you using?

  25. Paul Paesmans says:

    You have a nice voice as well


    u so clean..helped me a lot

  27. Bryan Mares says:

    puppy sleeping in the back lol awesome

  28. Jon D says:

    Nice work . Good teaching skills recapping where we are….if you can’t say it , you can’t play it…!! Keep it going mate.
    Passed out dog made me smile !
    Then again, Gilmore was probably half past out when he wrote it.

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