How To Strum The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #7

How To Strum The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #7

How To Strum The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #7
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Welcome to the seventh video in the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson Nate covers essential strumming hand techniques. He provides some guidance on how to find a comfortable grip for holding the pick, and then covers practical tips for staying loose and relaxed while you play the guitar.

Strumming is a foundational element of playing rhythm guitar. Not only will these tips help you establish a solid foundation for future playing, but they will also help you reduce the risk of injury or fatigue that can slow down your progress.

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29 responses to “How To Strum The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #7”

  1. Larry Hoggatt says:

    does a penny work

  2. Oscar Salcido says:

    i have a pick

  3. aj francis says:

    look at the flick f mha risk :v :v

  4. Ashley Sandoval says:

    I have a thumb pick but I hate the sound it makes when it’s lifting off so I use my thumb itself but the sound is more quiet

  5. zakariah awesome says:

    I’m from Bangladesh you vids are so awesome

  6. ebenezer pradeep says:

    i came all the way out here to subscribe ! Good boss keep it up

  7. Utkarsh Garg says:

    I just want to ask that is it necessary to just do downward strumming or upward strumming. I think is there any pattern in which we could strum?

  8. Sleeping troll says:

    How do I know if my guitar needs to be tuned? ‘Mine doesn’t sound like yours

  9. raaghav arya says:

    Thank you sir. I had been trying to find free beginners’ lessons for so long and you have excelled at doing so. This helps a lot.

  10. CheyenneABrown122 says:

    This helped me achieve a better sex life. Thank you!

  11. Emily Kibbler says:

    The feather visual/metaphor really helped me!! Thank you 🙂

  12. Killer Meme Star says:

    Does it help if you have a buttchin? For this guy it does.

  13. Himanshu Hatwar says:

    sir we have to strum.all the six strings in down stroke and only 2 to 5 in up stroke is it so

  14. ray hernandez says:

    Manuel Neur teaches guitar? Dope

  15. SPR45 PLAYS says:

    Your guitar lesson are very helpful to m thank you very much😊

  16. Ankit yadav says:

    sir, how many hrs we need to do practise.

  17. Ivan Ruiz Lastra says:

    thank you so much. i´m following my dreams to play guitar again-

  18. Justin Lee says:

    How do you strum without a pick? Especially because I’m not sure where to use my nails or which finger is for which stroke. I mostly use my index fingernail for down and thumbnail for up; should i do the opposite to avodi using my nails?

  19. AzraelPercussionNEO says:

    HOW DO YOU mute the string to prevent notes from being played when you are strumming the guitar 🎸?

  20. Dibyaranjan Udayasingh says:

    You are amazing, Sir! I am completely new to the Guitar world. Your lessons are perfect for a beginner like me.
    Thanks again!

  21. Michael Mammoliti says:

    Do u still answer questions

  22. H Starry says:

    These series are usefullll

  23. Space Lettuce says:

    I can’t afford guitar lessons but I always had an itch to play one. I’ve finally got a guitar for myself and man, they’re way beyond helpful. Thanks.

  24. J KK says:

    I love ur guitar lessons but I’m having trouble with frets

  25. Jim Johnson says:

    what app did you use to tune your guitar

  26. Chaitanya Dandekar says:

    When I strum down, I am not able to hit the string no. 1. What should I do to avoid this?
    PS: Your guitar lessons are great. Thank you so much for helping us beginners. 😊

  27. William Morey says:

    Sos one others who have a lot of

  28. Robin Phal says:

    When strumming (upstroke or downstroke), do we need to hit all the 6 strings? Pls be patient to reply. I’m trying to learn from all your lessons step by step.

  29. Mary Thomas says:

    My hands are small to hold on an acoustic Guitar which I have… But I desperately want to learn guitar….. Please help me with this

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