How To Play Copperhead Rd – Steve Earle (cover) – Easy 3 Chord Guitar Tune

How To Play Copperhead Rd – Steve Earle (cover) – Easy 3 Chord Guitar Tune

How To Play Copperhead Rd – Steve Earle (cover) – Easy 3 Chord Guitar Tune
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How to Play Copperhead Rd – Steve Earle (cover) – Easy 3 Chord Guitar Tune – This is the guitar version to this song, there are only 3 chords and if you can get the D lick down it sounds great on the guitar and possibly playing along with a mandolin. This is a great song for all to enjoy at any playing venue. I hope you like it and if you want to learn the mandolin version there is a link on this video to take you there. Please check out my channel for more PartyMarty EasyGuitarTunes

35 responses to “How To Play Copperhead Rd – Steve Earle (cover) – Easy 3 Chord Guitar Tune”

  1. hawkins19601 says:

    thanks for the lesson. i leared to play it on a 12 string. its a litle more complicated but it sounds great. nothing sounds as good as a 12 strings guitar

  2. Donacha o'dwyer says:

    can you please do a lesson of The Felice bros Whisky in my Whisky?

  3. by bbuck2003 says:

    it looks like you do a hammer on twice with the index finger instead of once like you said?? Love this song and how you do it, also you nail it on the singing too. Thanks for the lesson, I’ll be working on this one

  4. David Cowden says:

    thanks for the lesson easy to understand tutorial I was playing the song with you before you finished

  5. Gas 'N' Juice says:

    awesome my man

  6. miguel hernandez says:

    how do you play country boy by Aaron Lewis

  7. Derp Derperson says:

    Doesn’t it sound better with a C9?

  8. weejams says:

    Wow you do that song really good. Love the vocals but it looks to me like you are playing a so called ACDC C and G. But C add 9 will substitute the C chord. It is easier and way less movement of the ring finger between the D C and G.

  9. efilnikcufecin says:

    Freakin great job, man. That sounded totally legit.

  10. Jake Vetters says:

    You do a rockin cover of this man; perfect vocals for it. great instruction as well

  11. Mike Cecil says:

    Johnson county sherrif…nice tune dude was looking for more of the lead in the center of the song

  12. Paul Coley says:

    I have not picked up my guitar in many months, but thanks to your wonderful and easy to follow lessons, I have new inspiration! THANK YOU! P.S. I can,t feel my fingers!!!

  13. Jim Stone says:

    Harder than it looks…I can either sing it or play it…tough to do both …great job

  14. stephen clarke says:

    Thank you for this, really helpful, you got any little feat covers?

  15. Joe Farrell says:

    Whats the chance you know Hometown Heroes by Dave Malllet /check you tube, cant figure it out

  16. Cygnus X-1 says:

    Enjoyed this very much and can play it well enough now! thanks!

  17. Joe Farrell says:

    any chance You might know Hometown Heroes by Dave M figureallet its on the U tube c

  18. Mike Cronin says:

    Thanks for the instructions Marty. Great song, always wanted to do it but just never did….til now. Love many of the song writers you cover, CCR, Bob Seger, Kris Kristofferson, Steve Earle. I also do a lot of Guy Clark stuff. He also does the trick with the Capo on the second fret upside down as was mentioned earlier, so that it doesn’t cover the 6th or E string, giving it a drop E effect while leaving the G chord normal, when playing in D. Guy and Steve were great friends along with Townes Van Zandt, Rodney Crowell and that bunch. What a jam that would be. Glad I found this video.

  19. dennisrose123 says:

    thats great wish i could play it, not much chance

  20. Daniel Taylor says:

    Your channel is great.

  21. roosterinboro says:

    Dude that was awesome. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Grim Hairycheek says:

    I love listening to you Marty and your guitar skills are of high distinction

  23. Grim Hairycheek says:

    Do you play Sultans of Swing?

  24. jay tennant says:

    i’ve been following your songs and style for a couple of years on you tube and you are the best by far i have seen for the way you teach guitar.So easy to follow and play.All the best to you Marty from a man in Liverpool England

  25. john o says:

    Thanks P M never heard this tune before you got me working on it now preeeciate ya…

  26. john o says:

    A lot going on in this song but it is coming along slow but sure LOL Thanks Party Marty !!!

  27. kenneth abruzzini says:

    Marty, When you go up to the 5th fret at the start of the song you said to use your 3rd finger as you slide it up but what string are you using? In this video you use the G string and the D string. I’m not sure which one is right.

  28. kenneth abruzzini says:

    Never mind, I see it now, all G string.

  29. Scott Principe says:

    Marty your a gift from God being an a old cowboy the guitar is as important as the saddle it’s a must for the camp fire thanks for your time and teaching

  30. Ronnie Dalton says:

    Dang u gave me a challenge on this one!… sounds great

  31. Francisco Noguera says:

    Thanks for the run down, great cover!

  32. PAPACHULO says:

    any guy who can play a guitar and sing well is a STUD.

  33. Fish Knuckle says:

    You suck.

  34. JD says:

    Feckin awesome man………. at the minute there are 54 villages missing there idiots

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