The Simple Scale (that All Styles Use)

The Simple Scale (that All Styles Use)

The Simple Scale (that All Styles Use)
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32 responses to “The Simple Scale (that All Styles Use)”

  1. Dave54600 says:

    Thoughts of the older student.  Sometimes I don’t know why I do it to myself.  Been round the sun 41 times.  After 6 years of almost daily practice I am at a horrible stage in my playing.  My fingers need a 40 minute warm up.  I’m stuck in the pentatonic.  I can play a little but sooner or later it will sound like bare arse being torn off a leather sofa on a hot sunny day.  My vibrato is still lame, I have the rhythm of a drunk, 3 legged dog and I’ve just discovered there are 8yo girls on youtube who are better guitarists than anyone I know.  Then it hit me.  This is what the blues is for.           

  2. Dandan Duad says:


  3. Paul Weatherby says:

    You didn’t cover Polka.

  4. Simplemente CRISTIANO says:

    Muy buenas improvisación !

  5. Rick Clark says:

    Nice lesson.

  6. Stephen Schwarz says:

    in your link, you forgot the .com thanks for helping me understand the near simplicity of starting off learning guitar.

  7. Bobby G says:

    All I hear is all stars playing

  8. playboy88ortiz says:

    You name it A-minor pentatonic scale in the beginning but end by naming it E-minor, correct me if i misheard.

  9. Robert Branch says:

    Hello I love this lesson on one scale.Could you please make a video on the country style and show how to use it at slow speed.THANK YOU SIR

  10. James Oshaughnessy says:

    you are just showing off not show shit but that you are useless to follow

  11. Eddie Mattison says:

    I love your lessons, but when you use vibrato on the notes (I know, habit) it throws me off. I wish, for the sake of teaching, all teachers wouldn’t do that. 🙂 Thanks.
    Sorry, maybe I’m the only one.

  12. GaryR55 says:

    Great demonstration and explanation. Thanks!

  13. Brady Rushing says:

    Well Done … and thanks for making it simple to understand.

  14. Paul Richard says:

    what rubbish that is the only scale you need it’s a moveable scale and can be played Simply by playing in a different place on the fretboard and corresponding the key note the first note of the scale YES it moves to any key …..

  15. Lou Monte says:

    this video is the best explanation in practical playable options for the minor scale. Genius presentation brother.

  16. Ebuka Lucky says:

    awesome.. this just open my eyes’

  17. Thatdude inCrack says:

    Mind blown

  18. Tom Goldsmith guitar says:

    Wonderful!! 😯

  19. 5hredder says:

    i have never seen someone use one scale for so many things. this has changed my stubborn perspective…

  20. 1972myc says:

    That’s what I love about your teaching technique (The-Art-of-Guitar), you are one of the few online teachers that make sense. And I can fallow it. Your ability to demonstrate is admirable.

  21. neilsthepoet says:

    THAT…. Was fun as Hell..

  22. JoshLikeCrazy says:

    disappointed you didn’t play heartbreaker

  23. Dick Dastardly says:

    OH NO 666 thumbs down!!! This is the devil’s lesson! The beast is set free, we’re all doomed, doooooooomed I tell you.

  24. Milon Rai says:

    Very nice..I love it

  25. MarcaDelZorro09 says:

    Amazing!! Thank you so much!!

  26. 77777DIAMOND77777 says:

    I just cut all my guitar strings, broke off the neck, smashed the body of my guitar, threw the pieces in a dumpster and lit them on fire! Dude, you are fun to listen to and you play each of the styles so well.

  27. John Menyhard says:

    wow very nice

  28. Mike Williams says:

    I thought this was going to be yet another tedious video on the pentatonic minor scale but he actually focuses on how to use the scale – a refreshing change!

  29. Johnjoseph Jawahar says:

    Glad to see the different style of playing. Are you using only pentatonic scale to play different style?

  30. Kevin Walker says:

    Those are scale patterns am I correct in assuming?

  31. Ray Middleton says:

    Absolutely brilliant

  32. jamie nase says:

    Hey Mike, your website in description is missing the .com

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