How To Play: The Last Of Us Main Theme – Guitar Tutorial By CallumMcGaw

How To Play: The Last Of Us Main Theme – Guitar Tutorial By CallumMcGaw

How To Play: The Last Of Us Main Theme – Guitar Tutorial By CallumMcGaw

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How to play: The last of us main theme – Guitar tutorial by CallumMcGaw


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Hey Guys. Callum McGaw here with another guitar video for you all.

This is a video tutorial on how to play the Main theme from the Game, ‘The Last of Us’ by Gustavo Santaolalla

This is my first tutorial, so comment with feedback so I know what to improve in 😀

I hope you all enjoy 🙂

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Equipment used:
Camera – Nikon D3200
Microphone – Rode NTA1
Audio interface – Presonus Audiobox 22VSL
Guitar – Stephen Eden

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32 responses to “How To Play: The Last Of Us Main Theme – Guitar Tutorial By CallumMcGaw”

  1. The Last Of Us says:

    Now I know what I’m doing for the next month if my life… 😂

  2. Thefightingwhale says:

    Can anyone help with the middle part I’ve gotten good with the first bits the third part is really hard to understand and I don’t get it

  3. Henry Nguyen says:

    Wow, great tutorial! Just finished the game recently and excited to try this song out :)))

  4. The Last Of Us says:

    Why do my slates from 7-9 sound like crap?…

  5. The Last Of Us says:

    2:46 from 11-16 was that a slate? Sounded like one…

  6. Ivan Chorl says:

    Dude I tried so freekin hard to find a tutorial but they’re all crappy but then you video popped up and I finally know how to play it yours was slow and detailed

  7. Mertcan Bekar says:

    worst tutorial I have ever seen

  8. CamsCheezid says:

    Stupid that the only way you can follow along is buying the stupid tabs crap,

  9. TheSaviorOfSouls says:


  10. bunny snow says:

    is it just me or do the notes i play on the g string sound quieter compared to the b and e ones?

  11. The Last Of Us says:

    Can you remake this video and do a finger shot angle. Cuz the middle part is really confusing

  12. ManthiiGaming says:

    can i use my 3 fingers for the 3 strings instead of using the thumb for the 3rd string

  13. InfamousIsNot AGamer says:

    Damn! I worked my ass off to find a video tutorial like this thanks man!

  14. Geovana Vitoria says:

    Thank you friend

  15. Patrick says:

    Apparently any white guy with red curly hair looks like Ed Sheeran.

  16. Camy Fc says:

    Don’t get the middle part I’ve got the hang of main riff easily

  17. safwan rais says:

    which guitar is used pls reply

  18. Wena says:

    12 9 14 11 12 16 – 15 14 12 9/7

  19. The BelgianWaffle says:

    still cant understand what im supposed to do for the middle part

  20. Taimi Xu says:

    Thank you for the video! it would really help if you wrote the notes down

  21. Blinx says:

    Can someone post the tabs in the comments, it’s unrealistic asking £5 for tabs and he can’t explain himself

  22. Envision PLUS says:

    Got the chills

  23. the1b says:

    I dont get the middle

  24. Marco Montano says:

    your good but explaining sort of sucked either that or im just dumb

  25. Tamta Asatiani says:

    What’s the strumming during the chord section?

  26. Edward Green says:

    the middle part is confusing callum because of your fingers

  27. TTmSCE says:

    Ed Sheeran??????

  28. Simple Soundtrack says:

    Came from your cover to this. Really nice wow. I tried it myself on my retuned ukulele… I guess I also captured the atmosphere. At least I hope so… Whoever cannot get enough of this theme, here’s another try: 😊😉

  29. TimeLordWarrior says:

    did the screen turn black for the whole first part after he gave the instructions?? or is it just me

  30. Lukeskywalker327 says:

    For anybody else confused by the middle part this should help (verse 2)

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