Iris Guitar Lesson – Goo Goo Dolls

Iris Guitar Lesson – Goo Goo Dolls

Iris Guitar Lesson – Goo Goo Dolls
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In this video guitar lesson you will learn how to play the acoustic smash hit “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

First off, you will need to re-tune your guitar to what will probably be the strangest tuning you have ever used. Guitarist John Rzeznik favors these types of tunings for his acoustic work.

The tuning he uses for “Iris” requires you to tune your 6th string down to a B. Then all of the other strings are tuned to a D. So the complete tuning is: B D D D D D

This creates a sound almost like 2 twelve string guitars playing together. The lower B string is usually just used for the moving bass lines. All in all it creates a nice full sounding and unique sound.

Your guitar may not like such a drastic tuning change though. Mine certainly didn’t which I complain about a bit in the video lesson. 🙂

Your guitar may require a little intonation adjustment for you to make everything sound in tune all over the fretboard.

In any case, this Iris guitar lesson video will teach you the whole song in it’s entirety. It really is quite a beautiful song that is made very easy to play due to the unique tuning.

If anyone out there is hoping to play “Iris” for their significant other, I am sorry that I can’t help you with the vocals. I am the last person on earth you would want to take a singing lesson from. Haha!!

Enjoy! Carl..

15 responses to “Iris Guitar Lesson – Goo Goo Dolls”

  1. The Clagga says:

    Great tune to learn! The tuning almost sounds like the sound of a 12 string!

  2. Generation ZX says:

    8:50 ummmmmmmmm

  3. Deplorable Doman says:

    Pretty song. F’d up tuning. My Taylor is not likin it also ha

  4. Aya Saab says:

    after reading ur comments ,i got scared to tune my strings

  5. Chris Dempsey says:

    I’ve seen so many “OH GOD MY STRINGS DEAR GOD.” but they’re all about the strings that are tuned down, and not about the only one that SHOULD snap, which is the B string tuned UP to D… Either you have had the strings wayyy too long, or you don’t know the difference between down and up in tuning. Lol

  6. aayush gairola says:

    You’re the Best!!

  7. Khalil Iz says:

    Best, most authentic lesson on this very challenging song on the net.

  8. get rekt says:

    I got the tuning without breaking a string by tuning everything to the right tuning Except for the b string, which I only tuned up a half step. I left my guitar like that for a day and the next day I tuned the b up another half step and kept everything else in tune. I continued this til it was in tune, and it took days, but it was worth it.

  9. PR Brusola says:

    The most accurate lesson ive watched so far. Thanks so much man

  10. Marvin Alcaide says:

    good tutorial ..

  11. mgtownz says:

    i use heavy gauge strings for this

  12. Larry David says:

    I love the goo goo dolls and would love to learn some of their songs, particularly this, name and sympathy. However, this weird tuning on their songs has really put me off as I really can’t be doing with messing about with my guitars tuning . Real shame

  13. Brian Dailey says:

    Damn people who actually wander off the trodden path of normality into the dark unknown land of broken strings. Might want to grab some extra b strings at your local guitar store. To master this song and play it at just the right time is well with the cost of a couple broken strings. Just the expression on people’s faces when you tune it is worth the pain and agony of a few broken strings. What the hell is this guy doing? That’s not how you tune a guitar!! Tyranny!

  14. Jordison Cortés says:

    Puta madre hablas mucho

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