Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson(2) – Ode To Joy & Let It Be

Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson(2) – Ode To Joy & Let It Be

Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson(2) – Ode To Joy & Let It Be
Lesson number 2
In this lesson we will learn our 1st two songs! Ode To Joy & Let it be.

Here’s Lesson 3 –
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38 responses to “Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson(2) – Ode To Joy & Let It Be”

  1. Suliman Olatunji says:

    how did you play that small melody from 5:09 to 5:13 starting from the whole note.

  2. akazman says:

    Yeah.. I am also confused with what is happening during the whole and dotted half note in let it be…. what exactly is he doing?

  3. snakesy85 says:

    That popup at the end is terrible!

  4. Jawad Sabra says:

    I just don’t understand in Let it Be , the donut shaped note above the middle string ? followed by the same one with a small plus . can anyone tell me what are those and how to play them ?

  5. DN-FV Villanueva says:

    Just Listen Carefully and ya’ll LearnĀ 

  6. Charles Darwin says:

    Why is it that every single guitar tutorial starts with the tutor going through the basics, like how to play a fret, then gets right into playing songs without teaching us anything we don’t already know?
    If I knew how to play guitar, I wouldn’t be here! Actually teach me something for once!

  7. Dj Roxanne says:

    idont think with the notes on sheet music youre teaching this should be lsson 2, you went from teacging them how to hold the gutar and a few notes to this?

  8. Clem Fandango says:

    nigga you went from telling us the names of the notes to all of a sudden memorizing 9 notes and playing them on sight. how the fuck is anybody supposed to learn that fucking quickly. take this video down and do it right.

  9. Brianna Hitzeman says:

    Everyone keeps commenting that he’s going way too fast (which was also my first reaction when I first saw the video). But if you really want to get anything done, start slow and write down the first two strings’ notes. Practice memorizing them and playing them correctly. Then, print or draw out Ode To Joy (I drew it based on the video) and play slowly. It helps. Then repeat for the second song. It just takes practice. Don’t expect to just watch a video and understand everything at once.
    Hope this helped and God bless.

  10. supynatural says:

    I am able to pick the notes but how is he playing that background music in between the singular notes during Ode to Joy. He should have panned the camera onto the picking side as well. Anyone knows what hes doing?

  11. Hia Kms says:

    this video was uploaded on 2006 hw can you guys want this old man to do all that things? now is 2014 this guy must be 60+ y.o now lol.

  12. Hia Kms says:

    this video was uploaded on 2006 hw can you guys want this old man to do all that things? now is 2014 this guy must be 60+ y.o now lol.

  13. floridas954 says:

    I want to thank you for these videos. They were my start; and again I want to thank you for uploading them- Thank you.

  14. Radhinal Djan says:

    can anyone give me the guitar tabs for the let it be that he play? i been looking on the internet i cannot find the same like him

  15. raydeltaedge says:

    I only could play the High E

  16. Laura Curtis says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! I had to play this for class it gave be a chance to play it and listen to it at the same time! it helped a bunch!! šŸ˜€

  17. Star Burst says:

    This is going way too fast my piano teacher-guitar teacher taught me a little but I can only do piano now. This is to hard and fast.

  18. Fluttershy Carroll says:

    this is cool the music

  19. Cherries plays roblox says:

    Im never going to be able to play its to hard ;(

  20. WhyNotRandom says:

    please, make part 6! your videos are best!!!

  21. WhyNotRandom says:

    right now, im watching you and i am at the guitar, and i am soon finished with Ode To Joy!

    Please make part 6, everyone is waiting!
    you said it’s coming soon, but it was 9 years ago!

  22. Albert Alozious says:

    My dear thanks a lot God bless you..Great job …you are blessed.. i am in need of this one. Ā thanks a lot.. let your good job be continued .. shalom

  23. Zamasu says:

    damn this i dont get whatever you say!

  24. Kevin Does Things says:


  25. Queen Regal41319 says:

    You sUck!! I have the book you’re following and it makes no sense to me. I feel like you’re in cahoots with the ppl who teach guitar lessons for $50 an hour and when we don’t understand the free lessons on YouTube we finally go pay $50 to actually learn. Fools.

  26. Robert Hess says:

    Thank you wonderful. Love these songs and it’s nice to be able to follow the score on the bottom of the screen. Don’t understand why anyone would have trouble understanding.

  27. Al Bryant says:

    Bro, its lesson 2, and you want me to play ode to joy……let it be…a joke

  28. Francisco Chi says:

    so i got a guitar today and i got joy to ode down. regardless of what the other people said, the first half with the two strings wasnt too bad. once you got to let it be, 4 strings got too real for lesson 2

  29. Tcg1921 says:

    I spent an hour and a half on ode to joy :/

  30. Jenna MacWhirter says:

    For anyone just learning Ode to Joy, if you want to get that half-note in bar 12 in the right octave while introducing the third string a little bit more gently, just play the third string open there (hitting G and octave below how it’s played here).

  31. Tengai says:

    I just go here to listen.

  32. Utubebaf says:

    I used the windows snipping tool to capture the sheet music. If you cut 4 measures at a time and paste it into a word doc. you are good to go.

  33. Ayman Shoaib says:

    Where can I find the sheet music used in the video?

  34. Nrupal Akolkar says:

    Too good man. this is a good lesson to start

  35. 2021 Taidem Embum says:

    you are really good

  36. Palak Singh says:

    I like this

  37. Dan Li says:

    I take notes for everything he is talking about and practice, practice, practice, He can be fast, but you can do as your own pace. I think the lesson is great for helping me to learn. Thank you.

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