How To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Like A Sitar

How To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Like A Sitar

How To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Like A Sitar
A VERY simple and safe way to make your acoustic guitar emulate the sound of a sitar. One easy step! (The video has two, but after messing with it I found that the first step is unnecessary.)

The guitar is a Taylor 514ce and the strings were Elixir Polyweb .12 gauge.

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  1. John Penny says:

    Hey that’s terrific!  Brilliant idea.  How about having a go at ‘Within You, Without You’. (George will smile on you I’m sure…) Incidentally I have a Greek Bouzouki tuned GDGD and it sounds quite a bit Sitar-ish.   Love and peace from England.

  2. Tate Jervis says:

    Daniel, you didn’t have to know any Indian tunes. I have a first act guitar that I made into a sitar. You are the next Ravi shankar.

  3. Jose Aureliano says:

    DUDE THATS GREAT HAHAHA, totally loved it, thanks a lot!

  4. First name And last name says:

    The guitar gadget guitarjo is used for an electric guitar sound like a banjo but if use on an acoustic sound like a sitar sadly its not out yet or it may never be released

  5. ॐ Jordan Gould says:

    Please post more videos on sitar scales and how to play the sitar on guitar. thanks

  6. Raku777 says:

    Thank you for sharing…I recently got a combination tanpura/swarmandal and am learning how to tune this to sound more sitar like (the swarmandal part, the harp part). I am tempted to put in a curved bridge to get the harp strings to vibrate more like the tanpura part.

  7. Chris Johnson says:

    You’re brilliant, my friend! Great tip!

  8. birds may bite says:

    Thanks! I was asked to imitate a sitar for an upcoming gig. Very nice.

  9. Corrie Floyd says:

    how are you supposed to take it out. its like glued in or really tight

  10. Lord Samuel The Omniscient says:


  11. Pizza Roller says:

    “The question is, how to make”. ✋😂

  12. James Fahrenheit says:


  13. pravesh chauhan says:

    thumps up for the efforts and it do sound like one

  14. Galura Wirayudanto says:

    youre on genius guy. thumbs up!

  15. mp says:

    Holy shit! Sounds great!

  16. Nia Henson says:

    noodle around

  17. luthfi al hadi says:

    very cool dude!!!

  18. Mitchell Davies says:

    should try and play The Tea Party Inanna. sounds great!!

  19. reddogroad 1 says:

    Very clever….can’t wait to try it! Thanks

  20. 2008ilovemusic says:

    so this is Drake Bell’s guitarist on the 2010 international tour!

  21. WillHissettBeats says:

    thanks this sounds great

  22. buttwhy says:

    I can’t help but think you look like the young Synyster Gates

  23. Austin Bennett says:

    Holy shit wasnt expecting that result. Thanks man!

  24. darin schaffer says:

    hey man, you can also put the high “e” where the low e is and a high “b” looped around the low e end pin that goes to the “A” string tuning key.( file a new slot in the nut between low e and a strings. This is like chikari strings.

  25. James Rundle says:

    Great idea man. For years I wanted to get the sitar sound Brian May gets on the Queen songs Jealousy and White Queen. This is a great solution 😊

  26. AideDou says:

    Very helpful, thank you

  27. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    You should try doing the sitar solo from George Harrison’s “Within You, Without You.”

  28. Wm Perry says:

    You have the Magic Spoon! You are the chosen One!

  29. John Doe says:

    i tried it and it did not work. is there something i could be doing wrong? i have 80/20 copper strings.

  30. FrankieCze says:

    What am i even doing here. I cant even play the guitar.

  31. Pierre Becquet says:

    sorry dude , but you can’t play or bend the strings like a real sitar … but it sound bit close like

  32. Christ Julius says:

    I bought instructions from WoodPrix and I builded it very very cheap.

  33. MichaelAngelo D'Arrigo says:


  34. dimebagcfh says:

    Make it sound like a baglama or saz please!!

  35. Switch Rick says:

    Wow, I play guitar and sitar, and I have to say this sounds pretty good.

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