How To Play Star Wars Theme On Guitar EASY LESSON With Tabs

How To Play Star Wars Theme On Guitar EASY LESSON With Tabs

How To Play Star Wars Theme On Guitar EASY LESSON With Tabs
How To Play Star Wars Theme on Guitar EASY LESSON with tabs
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34 responses to “How To Play Star Wars Theme On Guitar EASY LESSON With Tabs”

  1. paul tonkin says:

    For everyone else if u have a capo…put it on the 3rd fret – sounds more original

  2. Alan Skaja says:

    Please spiderman!!!

  3. jermain burnett says:

    I got all songs

  4. BàlorKunG TH -The Demon King says:

    Thank you it’s very easy

  5. Maureen Thompson says:

    This. Is very very good for my son

  6. Emils Waite says:

    Wow I like your song

  7. Carpezo says:

    hard to play in the original tempo

  8. Musical Wolf says:

    wow , this is really simple tablature. thanks for making this video

  9. X Brozero says:

    i just started playing guitar and that was super helpful 10/10

  10. Lefteris Bouras says:

    thank you easy simple song I expressed all of my friends keep up the good job

  11. MrWookieblade says:


  12. Sarah Griffith says:

    I leaned it right away! Thanks! May the force be with you! Lol.

  13. Madzia Matusiak says:

    I did only two licks tonight but tomorrow or day after tomorrow I’m going to learn all of them. Thanks.

  14. Stina Sundelius says:

    holy loving shit thats hard

  15. Sam1000 says:

    resubelo pero sin la traduccion en ingles porfa

  16. Mason Ferris says:


  17. Ethan Sivager says:


  18. Deep Quasar says:

    Nazi scum

  19. Bodhi Pugliese says:


  20. Bodhi Pugliese says:

    watch out or the jump goblin will get you.

  21. MickeyMouseDolls Studios says:

    Somebody played this song at my friends talent show.

  22. Steven Lewis says:


  23. URBAN Nature says:

    I just learned it this way so much easier and better I hate guitar​ wannabe pro,s who learn it from the soundtrack and it sounds nothing like the main theme tune, it ticks me off loads, never think you can learn from dvd,s, learn from a guitar teacher he knows best and as qualifications for it.

  24. Dahowski says:

    Needs to be faster

  25. MonieK_TV says:

    Where i can download tabs?

  26. Rodel Valdez says:

    pls make a tutorial about once upon a dream (sleeping beauty ) 🙂

  27. Sophia Fayrweather says:

    yo this is even easier than the harry potter theme song

  28. LOUIE SALINAS says:

    muy bueno

  29. Nathan Ramirez says:

    Gose so so fast

  30. odile Loulou says:

    awesome tab

  31. Blü Wolf says:

    Boi yo guitar out of tune af

  32. Madimark MP2 says:

    Almost felt old 00’s…

  33. ClickGamer says:

    i actually printed the licks and i also have written down the sequence of the licks xDD

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