How To Tune Your Guitar – Open D Tuning For Slide Guitar

How To Tune Your Guitar – Open D Tuning For Slide Guitar

How To Tune Your Guitar – Open D Tuning For Slide Guitar
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this is the most common slide tuning for your guitar.

36 responses to “How To Tune Your Guitar – Open D Tuning For Slide Guitar”

  1. Steve Phillips says:

    Always find what I’m looking for in Marty

  2. sailaway2612 says:

    Marty your´re the best!!! 🙂

  3. Michael Kentner says:

    should the 1st and 2nd strings be realy loose? if not can someone tell me how to fix it

  4. A mad chimp says:

    Sweet, awesome tutorial

  5. Brett K says:

    marty fucking schawrtz

  6. Aryan Iyer says:

    Love your lessons!!!!!!!

  7. The Hakes says:

    Been playing guitar for years and still learnin’ a lot from Marty, funny fuckin’ guy, uses The Schwartz! m/

  8. Wayne Woodward says:


  9. morbagash says:

    Thanks for the video it was pretty fun and got me playing open D !!!

  10. rasal sheikh says:

    right guy! funny..its impossible tuning low e with high e.quite different also

  11. wolfpacguy says:

    awesome job man, im subbing!!!

  12. Mehretab Okbe says:

    i wish you were a little bit more serious on this tuning. 🙁

  13. Southerner says:

    am I the only one who had there guitar string bust while doing this so sad:'(

  14. Ichabod Crane says:

    Who else didn’t notice the ape in the back at first

  15. busstopbilly says:

    This is WAY too much background for a simple tuning reference….can I suggest we cut out all the “monkey business” and just go directly to “pay dirt.” Just play an open D as it should be tuned. THEN go into all the folderol if you must.
    You also presume that someone’s guitar is already tuned correctly in conventional tuning.
    What if my guitar just came out of the shipping box, and isn’t tuned at all?
    Just allow me to match–immediately–your open D slide tuning.
    Should take 45 seconds–tops.

  16. kitty kat says:

    hahaha yes the ape and the spoon!!! love martys vids

  17. J G says:

    Thanks Marty this was and will be very helpful in my future!!!!!! Julie

  18. Robert Potter-Irwin says:


  19. boogerteeth says:

    Thanks, very helpful !

  20. cas says:

    That’s not fookin harambe

  21. C L says:

    “It’s the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!” Thanks again Marty. Fun video!

  22. Rafael Alvarenga says:

    8:48 DID I HEAR YOU SAY SPOONMAN????!!!! ;P

  23. ClawBird GM says:

    So, if I want to tune with a tuner what Hz should I set?

  24. Louis Cipher says:

    May the Schwartz be with you.

  25. Des-Tro Yer says:

    one of ur worst tutorial..!!

  26. Taffbanjo says:

    Why not just use a tuner?

  27. Miguel Garcia says:

    When did Jonah Hill learn guitar 🎸

  28. Valerio Aguero says:

    Thank you Marty. That was a lot of help..

  29. Eric Page says:

    “its an open, juicy, fat…..D”

  30. Donny brown says:

    I feel like im cheating now

  31. redneckhippiefreak says:

    Damn it stop showing off and tell me how to tune..XP

  32. Jacob Baker says:

    You just got a new sub here buddy. Really appreciate it helped a lot 🤗

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