Hey You Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro And Chords

Hey You Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro And Chords

Hey You Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro And Chords
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These Hey You guitar lesson videos will take you note-for-note through Pink Floyd’s classic song!
Hey You is not only one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs, it also contains some of David Gilmour’s finest guitar work.

The acoustic parts were originally performed on a guitar with the lower tuned strings tuned up either 1 or two octaves. David Gilmour replaced those strings with much lighter gauge strings in order to accomplish this goal. Because of that David Gilmour was able to perform the song in open position.

In these Hey You guitar lesson videos however, we will learn how to play Hey You on a standard tuned acoustic.

The solo that David Gilmour plays in Hey You is also one of the most well know of all classic rock solos. It is simple, direct and flat out epic.

There are no real technical surprises in this song except for two issues. First, we have quite a bit of barre chords that are played on the acoustic. That can be an issue if your hand gets tired easily. In these Hey You guitar lesson videos I demonstrate the way I switch from chord to chord which I feel will make it quite a bit easier on you.

Second, the solo contains LOTS of bending. You need to really listen to the notes to keep them in tune, especially those half step bends which are always easy to over bend.

This is a great song to learn no matter what ability level you are at. Even the most advanced players should find a lot to take in from David Gilmour’s incredible taste and musicality, with absolute control over his bends.

Enjoy these Hey You guitar lesson videos, I had a blast playing it and I hope you will too! Cheers, Carl 😀

22 responses to “Hey You Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro And Chords”

  1. Siavash Sadrazodi says:

    Hey Karl, quick question: is there a reason that you don’t put a Capo on the 5th fret for the whole intro and first couple of verses?

  2. Suchait Sachdeva says:

    love what you do man

  3. Hussain Touq says:

    thanks useful .. i felt sleepy.. 1000 chords .

  4. Vignesh Ekambaram says:

    Karl I have learnt so much from ur videos . Love ur patient grounded style of teaching . Greetings from india

  5. Andrey Podymov says:

    Thank you very much! Great video!

  6. Domzdream says:

    I’ve almost got it! I’ve even been practicing this on the shitter. Like…everywhere.

  7. Matteo Riva says:

    Very good

  8. Annelore Oñatt says:

    i love you!

  9. gtrsuite says:

    Nashville Tuning? Why not? Gilmour (or Waters, who sometimes played acoustic guitar in the studio) used high strung tuning I believe also known as Nashville tuning.  D’Addario makes a nice set of these so there’s no guessing to how or what strings to use. And sounds so authentic to this song and gives the guitar a 12 string sound with 6 strings.

  10. Nicolas Parra says:

    am I the only person who thinks that he looks like Jorah Mormont from G.O.T?

  11. Wolf2u says:

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” message in part 2. And a few other videos. Any chance this will be changed Carl? Or of a way to make them load?

  12. Fabio Schober says:

    how about a solo lesson about have a cigar?

  13. Máximo Bertuccioli says:

    excellent!! perfectly teached thanks!!

  14. Mish Ka V says:

    You’re so damn cute! Thanks a lot

  15. Tom Stillwelll says:

    Always great lessons from Karl. Thanks so much!

  16. Dinho Batera says:

    Haja paciência pra aguentar esse tagarela!

  17. Daniele Ciccarelli says:

    you are nunber one

  18. Barbara Rocha says:

    Hey! My hands are too small and I can’t do the tricky D9 (?). Is there a way to do it without having to stretch the hand too much? thank you very much for the lesson!

  19. Wzrd says:

    For those who also had problems with the D major chord at the 5th fret. Just put a capo on the 5th fret.

  20. Arturo Grullon says:

    One of your best lessons

  21. Jefferson Ochoa says:

    Am I the only one thinking about the intro music(this reminds me of the Roy Keane show theme intro)

  22. Victor G says:

    IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

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