Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson & Tabs

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson & Tabs

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson & Tabs
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22 responses to “Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson & Tabs”

  1. ISAAC LEE says:

    It is too hard for me 🤔😅😖😔

  2. Daniel Steffens says:

    Is there a part 2 to this song?

  3. John Winchester says:

    wow what a great tutorial thanks

  4. Anas Khan says:

    charlie puth.
    we dont talk any more.

  5. Lucky Tabuyan says:

    where is the part2?

  6. Joker's Nightmare says:

    this one is going to be tough but i will Handle it.
    thank you so much gareth you’re the best

  7. Lost Tapes says:

    we dont talk anymore!! great cover btw.

  8. Eddie T says:

    Lovely arrangement. Perfect for an intimate gathering of just a few friends, lights low, and brandy. A great mood setter. Thank you for the tutorial.

  9. NY nayyif says:

    where is the part2?

  10. Sushant Thakuri says:

    You Sir is my favourite guitar Teacher 🙌🙌

  11. Jesus says:

    I took guitar lessons for a year, and then I found Sungha Jung, which introduced me to fingerstyle, which brought me to this channel. It took me 4 freaking months to learn his arrangement of Someone Like You. Then it took me only 2 months to learn I’m Yours. I’m probably gonna go to the school dance if I’m lucky enough to win this girl, and I would love to play this for her then. But learning this in 2 months? Shit… Maybe 2 years…

  12. Creative OG says:

    Why even put out a tutorial if you arent going to show the whole song? now im sitting here with bleeding fingertips and only the intro to the damn thing. cmon man

  13. Brandon Williams says:

    Your tabs seem to be off a little bit oppose from what you say and show. Sounds awesome otherwise

  14. Mouawad Elina says:

    where is the second part of the song !!!!!!!

  15. Guillermo Diaz says:

    Were is the second part? Nice tutorial

  16. DaRkLaW says:

    pls make an arangement of all i ask by adele pls idol!!!

  17. Rigdon Steinhauser says:

    I personally wish you would go a lot slower and call the strings by their names because 2nd string 2nd fret is a lot more confusing that B string second fret when your going so fast

  18. William Markl says:

    such an incredible content!
    Thx for doing this for us!

  19. surf and jiujitsu says:

    For the first bar instead of sliding way down you can also hit the g string 2nd fret.

  20. _BdenZ_ says:

    Is that messi? xD

  21. Mitchell WARRICK says:

    Ed’s Pedo Face at the start tho!

  22. Miguel Diaz says:

    Thank you for the free tutorial! Great work!

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