Live Forever – Oasis (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-409) How To Play

Live Forever – Oasis (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-409) How To Play

Live Forever – Oasis (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-409) How To Play
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Live Forever – Oasis
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we will learn how to play Live Forever by Oasis. Pretty easy chords, and the strumming can be easy or more tricky depending on your skill level!

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40 responses to “Live Forever – Oasis (Easy Songs Beginner Guitar Lesson BS-409) How To Play”

  1. Jacek Weed says:

    you really only need 50 seconds to learn it , OASIS!

  2. georgywoo says:

    I hate getting right into playing a song and the he says a chord I don’t know so I have to google it and there’s about 50 billion different ways to play the chord and I don’t know which on to use

  3. Lasse Elkjær says:

    On Justins site Chords are listed in the menu.

    Just do everything the Justinway and you will be fine 😉

  4. Mr T says:

    thx again this was one of my favourite songs when i was a kid .

  5. jack dolan says:

    *ring* oh fu… Hahahaha

  6. Kondemd says:

    Is it possible for you/anyone to describe the stemming pattern when you come to the C and D chords please. Is it the to down strokes on the C and the rest on the D.

    Any help would be great thanks 

  7. Miguel Garcia says:

    “Maybe I just want the D” 

  8. baddo att says:

    Oh fu……. Looool

  9. THthefirst says:

    sorry, but you blatantly love taking cock

  10. MsArron007 says:

    What’s the tuning

  11. Adam Skočdopole says:

    Amazing. Natural. Finally someone who actually learned how to (feel) play guitar before he started to teaching how to play.

  12. Alicia requena ruiz tagle says:

    te salió bacan(soy de chile…I’m chilian…hgfdkjsgfdsjk) Heello! ><

  13. DavidH071 says:

    great tutorial again Justin. Thanks for sharing

  14. Pwninqfull the sweG says:

    Are there any songs that doesn’t require 3rd string, mine was damaged and loose so I took it off, and cant repair it atm

  15. Seth Long says:

    “C just wants the D” Oh my god XD

  16. Paolo B says:

    ummm …Well I don’t really want to know how your Am grows either Sunshine.

  17. Abhinav Mahapatra says:

    Love your videos man.

  18. William Francis says:

    2:00 give him the D mate

  19. SupeHero00 says:

    I’ve been struggling with improvising on the strumming pattern.
    Any suggestion that you might give me?

  20. Gabriel says:

    4:22 Someone called to order the songbook xD

  21. Mark Scott says:

    Love the phone call 🙂

  22. skate or die says:

    Can you do a tutorial for | am the resurrection by the stone roses easy please ? (by the way love the vids)

  23. Xamen Kai says:

    This was amazing! Thanks for the lesson on this amazing song and you played it so well! I want to learn to sing as well hopefully I can learn both and eventually put them together as well as you have.

  24. TomPFC says:

    I think this is singing you have done in any tutorial…no one can hit the high bit, don’t take it to heart 😉

  25. Cloud Razor says:

    Thanks for that my mum really likes oasis

  26. Javier Balam Basora says:

    could someone please draw the strumming pattern for me ? i just can’t get it.

  27. David Lightning says:

    4:21 Ahhhhh… Fffffff… :DD

  28. David Lightning says:

    Thank you so much Justin you really helped me once again 😀

  29. Stephen Atkiss says:

    Thanks Justin, your videos have been very helpful and entertaining!

  30. Cal Hawksworth says:

    Why doesn’t he sing the song properly at the start

  31. ray powell says:

    just starting out and im finally getting some chords 😎 this guy is a good teacher 👏👏

  32. Cricket Fever says:


  33. AlphaCentauri says:

    how does is the Fmaj9 played for? 1 beat of 16th notes?

  34. Clinton Lindsey says:

    I think it’s an Am7 instead of Am. Am7 sounds closer to the record and the acoustic performances I’ve heard them do.

  35. daniel haran says:

    This is a great tutorial but you should check out “gorgiarose16” he specialises in Oasis tutorials and his Acoustic version of Live Forever is a lot closer to the original. great lesson though keep it up👍

  36. Floriana says:

    Okay I’m in love with you ahahah
    Best guitar teacher on the tube

  37. Jules evonne says:

    So grateful for your videos!💜

  38. Monkey Harris says:

    Eminor7?? instead of plain Eminor?

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