Here I Am To Worship – Bass Guitar Lesson

Here I Am To Worship – Bass Guitar Lesson

Here I Am To Worship – Bass Guitar Lesson
This is a lesson taken from Musicademy’s Beginners Bass DVDs available here on DVD:

When you buy the full lesson you also get backing tracks with and without bass to help you practice the parts.

The full DVD set includes multiple tips and lessons giving all the technical know-how to enable you to improve your bass playing.

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32 responses to “Here I Am To Worship – Bass Guitar Lesson”

  1. Gene Bellamy says:

    You do a great job of showing and explaining the Bass.  I think this will help me out a lot with my Bass playing.  Thanks.  GB

  2. Pentecostal Couple says:

    awesome teaching may God bless you

  3. Diana Alfred says:

    thanks for your teaching

  4. ELECTRO says:

    It cant get easier!! U Rock!

  5. ELECTRO says:

    does eyone know what guitar chrods it is for this?

  6. x0mmex says:

    thanks for making the video!

  7. HaEun Yoon says:

    would you be able to make a video of blessed be the name?

  8. Wecan Watersports says:


  9. Chris Bogue says:

    Thank you for doing this, I like your systematic way of teaching.

  10. KeenanCreams Alot says:

    can u play ‘stand by me”

  11. THET DOE says:

    thank you so much this is the way i can learn with this vedio

  12. Claudio Vidal says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome teaching . Praise the Lord. May God bless you always

  13. Tasha Washington says:

    the hands are not separated enough for me to see the strings

  14. Crazy55 Rider says:

    good job love it looked this up for a refresher. thanks and God bless.

  15. Jan Jansozojh says:

    You can’t hear the Bass just the singing and the 6 string so what good is it. Play that bass lets hear it.

  16. cristy ann jayoma says:

    Teach me please 🙁

  17. tswanigan69 says:

    For that G# could you have played it on the G string first fret? (In the verse)

  18. tswanigan69 says:

    I’m sorry I meant in the chorus and in the bridge.

  19. ROWEL DEL MUNDO says:

    You are an awesome teacher

  20. Lincoln Marinus says:

    Could u teach me hoe to play I give myself away by William Mcdowell

  21. Jacky Piang says:

    Thank you so much.. God bless you more and more..

  22. Paul ofTarsus says:

    Yay, Im playing Gospel instead of rock. Thank you Jesus.

  23. Dook Oonu says:

    You Sir are an EXCELLENT Teacher! Thank You so much!

  24. warren descallar says:

    please.. another praise and worship song, like this same lesson thankyou 🙂 Godbless!

  25. hilario vargas says:

    Thanks so much that was nice

  26. BRUH. says:

    this did not help me at all

  27. Mr Giraffe Man with a guitar says:

    How did I get here?I’m a atheist….

  28. Jody Burke says:

    Another so called bass player instructor from England, white boy, Australia, or wherever he’s from Britain whatever you say, ridiculous!

  29. kurati testis says:

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about christian music guitar lessons try Fezervin Teeth System Coach (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  30. Christopher Campos says:

    Awesome teaching

  31. Quang Đoàn Xuân says:

    Very nice !!! Thank you , good lucky ! I live in Viet Nam .

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