Beginners Guitar Strumming Lesson 1- The Beat – Beginners Course #L102

Beginners Guitar Strumming Lesson 1- The Beat – Beginners Course #L102

Beginners Guitar Strumming Lesson 1- The Beat – Beginners Course #L102

Tutorial #1 Introduction
Tutorial #2 How to Hold A Guitar
Tutorial #3 Basic Techniques
Tutorial #4 Pattern 1 – The Beat
Tutorial #5 Pattern 2 – 8th Strumming
Tutorial #6 Pattern 3 -Downs & Ups!
Tutorial #7 Pattern 4 – The Off Beat
Tutorial #8 Pattern 5 – Accents!
Tutorial #9 Pattern 6 – Missing Up Strums
Tutorial #10 Pattern 7 – Folk ‘Triplet’ Strumming
Tutorial #11 Pattern 8 – 2nd MOST COMMON
Tutorial #12 Pattern 9 – MOST COMMON STRUMMING EVER!
Tutorial #13 Pattern 10 – Basic Blues Strumming
Tutorial #14 Pattern 11 – ‘Get Lucky’ style Strumming
Tutorial #15 Pattern 12 – Bob Dylan Folk Strumming
Tutorial #16 Pattern 13 – Johnny Cash Country Strumming
Tutorial #17 Final – Where to go from here

Strumming is something that many people struggle with, yet it has the simplest principals of all guitar techniques.

In this course, I show you more than just downs and ups. I everything from how to hold your guitar properly, to building your technique and intuition towards been able to instinctively know what strumming pattern to use whenever you learn a new song! The video course includes the strumming to use every time you first learn a song, and will then focus on 8th strumming patterns of different tempos (something MOST strumming courses neglect!). It also covers the signature strumming patterns of Folk music, Country, Pop, Rock and Blues.

Whether you want the foundations of rhythm or want the technique and intuition to nail any strumming is REAL SONGS, this comprehensive strumming course is for you.

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8 responses to “Beginners Guitar Strumming Lesson 1- The Beat – Beginners Course #L102”

  1. Brian Counts says:

    People say you talk to much. They must have a short attention span. The way you explain everything is very helpful. Thanks alot.

  2. Medina Ruiz says:

    can anybody please help me my guitar has very tight strings and its not making any sound when im pressing a chord can anybody please teelll me a solution

  3. Michael Cushion says:

    Great tutorials and perfect for video learning , I’m a beginner at 40 years so keep uploading please Andy!!

  4. Tayem Tamut Tamut says:

    you talk 2 much

  5. Ken Crum says:

    Can you go slow

  6. Pablo Murphy says:

    Excellent teacher. Keep it up!

  7. Thug Life says:

    Those of you who are complaining against his too much talk…please learn that he is being himself when he is teaching…he is taking it easily…and enjoying his sessions and moreover he is giving it to you for free….so why do you all scream like that???!!!

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