How To Play 12 Bar Blues For Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons

How To Play 12 Bar Blues For Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons

How To Play 12 Bar Blues For Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons
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35 responses to “How To Play 12 Bar Blues For Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons”

  1. xxiamfreexx says:

    Thank you Marty

  2. James McLain says:

    Ive been a fan for 6 years now. I appreciate what you do. I suck at guitar but you have helped me suck less.

  3. George Rwizard says:

    Hey Marty!! if i was in the Key of A so the 1 chord would be A7 the 4 chord would be D7 and the 5 chord would be E7 is this right? Thanks !! 🙂

  4. Chris Dietschy says:

    Thx Marty, you are my new guitare teacher… 🙂

  5. Mike Ferraro says:

    Marty, I have a private guitar teacher whom I thoroughly enjoy learning from; however, he cannot possibly teach me in all of the directions that I am going in just one hour per week. After an exhaustive search on you tube viewing a myriad of teachers, you are the real thing. I have been teaching in public schools in the United States for 44 years, so I know good teaching when I see it. I want to pay for additional lessons, but cant seem to navigate through your website to do so. Please advise.

  6. Danny Morgan says:

    I love it when you set it up for us to play along at the same time. Very helpful.

  7. Piloto Z says:

    Thanks a lot, man!

  8. Daniel Lane Music says: Check this guy out!! way better teacher then marty..

  9. Tilsen Mulalley says:

    Dude, seriously. Your lessons kick ass. The more I watch, the better I get. I’ve always wanted to learn Blues techniques, but I always wrote them off as too complicated. But with your help, I’m getting closer and closer every day. Thanks so much man.

  10. KaDe 10 says:

    Best on YouTube by far. Thanks Marty

  11. Dan Scalone says:

    Just starting out, very easy to follow and was fun to do, I learned something today!

  12. joe cristie says:


  13. Jesse Bowman says:

    Let the Swarts be with youuuuu youuuuuuuuy youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …. Wooooooo woooooo wooooooo

  14. terence leyland says:

    Rock on man,

  15. Garth Howard says:

    Upload on my birthday and I love the blues!!!

  16. Adrian Kilbourne says:

    this one is for my gf, who i am teaching how to play bass in the band..
    ( she plays octave mandoline, so thats a huge step… 😛 ) cheers bro!!!!!!!!

  17. michel cémoi says:

    thanks Marty youre doing a greath job teaching

  18. Erik Martinez says:

    Hey Marty can u do tutorials for some Brenton woods. I’m the one who really knows n etc

  19. Ilaz Sadiku says:

    Thank you very much Marty. You are my first teacher and that’s the video I needed right now. Thank you very much man waiting much more to come from you

  20. MetalFreak33 says:

    Hey Marty, you might not see this comment, but I just wanted to say thank you! You are the best man, keep it up!

  21. 87morpheus says:

    I already know all this, but I watched for a refresher.

  22. Amy Boyer says:

    Marty..I am a newbie but am going to spend time each day with you. i have a desire to play the blues and learn guitar and wanted to let you know you are the teacher i am choosing! You are patient and fun and thats what i need to stay wanting to come back for more! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  23. Paul Sorce says:

    Learning a lot marty thanks

  24. Laurent Perigault says:

    thank you marty for all video and your time to produce them !!!!!!

  25. cor deflers says:

    WAUWS Great Sound and Ritme and lesson WAUWS iF i ken play also pfffffffffffff my finger and my head not yet follows everything Marty!  But i try it even so long i have a Beard I must do this! good luck and  meery cristmas and a happy new year!

  26. Elizabeth deVries says:

    This is such a good lesson! THANK YOU!!

  27. Jim Ballard says:

    Really like the way you teach, thank you! I’m a beginner wanting to play the Blues and considering a Strat and was wanting your opinion about the Fender Standard Strat HSS vs Fender Standard 3 coil Strat

  28. Bonniville Black Cherry says:

    Awesome tutorial Marty. Fun as well. Thanks 1,000,000 x over for this vid and all the others.

  29. Robert Cline says:

    Looking forward to spending more serious time learning with you and have always followed your other pages. Happy Holidays and thank you for this present.

  30. ShadowMosses 1998 says:


  31. Rose Baines says:

    great teacher Marty.

  32. Doug Rhatigan says:

    More power to you brother !!

  33. Gabriel Sandoval says:

    Aaaahhhhhh The Sweet Music Of Blues

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