Mr. Brightside By The Killers – Guitar Lesson – How To Play

Mr. Brightside By The Killers – Guitar Lesson – How To Play

Mr. Brightside By The Killers – Guitar Lesson – How To Play
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28 responses to “Mr. Brightside By The Killers – Guitar Lesson – How To Play”

  1. Stranded Cat says:

    This one is quite romantic.    Sparrow

  2. Badbeagle2 says:

    Thanks helped 🙂

  3. Zeri Tewart says:

    But over all great tutorial, just a little iffy in the beginning

  4. Adam Glover says:

    love it so simple and nice to know we can miss the filthy bar cords out 😉 

  5. Hannes Bester says:

    Thanks man! This video is killer! (Pun intended) Has anyone told you you look a bit like Dane Cook?

  6. Sean McGraw says:

    thx amigo

  7. Proxy Lenka says:

    please add your website name and other stuff you’ve written higher, we can barely see the chords you are playing :/

  8. t3hlulzz t3hlulzz says:

    REALLY dislike that waterwarked text. No way to go.

  9. YourGuitarSage says:

    Hey gang, check out my free online course at:

  10. Sabina Gan Antonio says:

    LOVED IT!!! 🙂 🙂

  11. Sabina Gan Antonio says:

    Can u have a tutorial about “somebody told me” by the killers. Sorry. Thank you.

  12. David Lightning says:

    You teached me this song pretty quick, thank you very much! 😉

  13. Jye says:

    Nice easy version, cheers 👍🏼

  14. Rachael Reid says:

    why put writting right across so we canny see what your hands are doing poperly

  15. Medicina Unic XXIX says:

    What’s the chords that he plays after F? In the Chorus

  16. Kacper Michalski says:

    The talented Ben affleck

  17. JONY says:

    Great cover song! it was very good 🙂

  18. Gianfranco García Vincenzi says:

    Bruce Wayne!

  19. armand duarte says:

    The lag hurts

  20. cormac porter says:

    Thanks dude😊

  21. Kevin Salazar says:

    can you do bad sun’s heartbreaker tutorial

  22. Alex Garnett says:

    Can anyone tell me what key this is in?

  23. Marnie says:

    You lowkey look a bit like Ryan Reynolds

  24. zachary houck says:

    very good but I just think this video is outdated

  25. Stephen Kater says:

    I really enjoy this lesson, man !!! thanks

  26. pgrothschild says:

    Excellent lesson! Will be playing this live soon, thank you!

  27. Morgan Morbik says:

    “Mr brightsides” lmao

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