How To Play ‘Tears In Heaven’ On Guitar By Eric Clapton | Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial | Part 1

How To Play ‘Tears In Heaven’ On Guitar By Eric Clapton | Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial | Part 1

How To Play ‘Tears In Heaven’ On Guitar By Eric Clapton | Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial | Part 1
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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton from the 1991 “Rush.” soundtrack.

“Tears in Heaven” wikipedia article:



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34 responses to “How To Play ‘Tears In Heaven’ On Guitar By Eric Clapton | Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial | Part 1”

  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials says:

    For more information on this lesson including part 2 go here:–acoustic.html

  2. Generation Omega says:

    Finally… a way to quite down Guitar Center.
    Good show.

  3. Quan Tran says:

    My tear dropped at 01:43. What a great guitar play of this song.

  4. krispychickun says:

    Lesson starts at 4:35

  5. eduardo anaya says:

    Great explanation 08:56

  6. Adam Freebird says:

    so great thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. Jean-Toblerone says:

    Who’s here because his gf asked to learn it ?

  8. Joel Mitchell says:

    Thanks! I’ve seen other videos on this song, but I ended up doing the thumb over, too. Yours is much easier for me to follow.

  9. Rob C says:

    Man you’re such a great teacher bro, and your take on tunes are spot on….. I did your landslide…. boy it took some doing but I got it down…. and to boot improved my general over all finger picking in the other stuff I play…. actually because of you I have pretty much given up the pick where I can get away with it…. I even play my gitz solos wif my fingers….. thank mate!!! This one is a great song

  10. Eduardo Espina says:

    story telling???????

  11. Paul Grugel says:

    Any chance you can do cocaine blues the Keith Richards version , been having a bit of trouble with the chords / timing . Long shot but thanks if you see this

  12. MiracaaL says:

    Hands down the best guitar teacher on youtube

  13. TheCraicedGamer says:

    great song and good tutorial, the only thing is i think you could explain what strings to pick a small bit better

  14. pteslac says:

    Thanks for this! Can you please do Make Me Do by a Foot In Cold Water?

  15. Duffer Man says:

    I thought he wrote it for his son that fell out of a window and died is what I think every time I hear it, sadly

  16. Hugo Khoo says:

    Thank you! I’m learning it!

  17. Jullian Black says:

    Whenever you post a tutorial i know I’m going to learn that song perfectly 👍

  18. vertigofall says:

    Fantastic lesson thanks!!!!

  19. Hiwatt Marshall says:

    Really excellent tutorial, thank you very much!

  20. A.K.A lovers says:

    i love guitar but i don’t know how to play and i watch this I’m hoping i can play it soon.

  21. autocrow says:

    I saw in a comment where session guitarist Tim Pierce complemented you. He’s right, and he’s at the top level. I like the way you show the whole song being played and different ways to play it. Excellent tutorial.

  22. Hooch says:

    Incredible Performance! Incredible lesson! Thank you so much, in many respects it’s more articulate than the record!Kind regards,Hooch😇

  23. felisha johnson says:

    , What key is this?

  24. Dirty Dan says:

    This is thumb abuse.

  25. Hooch says:

    Wow! Great lesson. I like how I don’t need to switch to bar chords, if I use the thumb over technique. Shakespeare said “Brevity is the sole of wit”. Guess that makes you a genius! Kind regards, Hooch😇

  26. Joaquin Castillo says:

    Tus clases de guitarra

  27. Scott Messer says:

    …imho, you better than most…explaining well and moving right along. Good continuity. Keeps us from losing the concentratiom flow. Well done
    I know now….that I might as well quit. : l

  28. Shannon Murphy says:

    Thank you brother . I really appreciate it .

  29. Douglas21450 says:

    So glad that I found you. Your ability to “get it “right and to teach us is why I keep coming back. We are fortunate to have you. I wish you the best.

    If I may request a lesson . . . JJ Cale’s, Call Me The Breeze. I can’t find a good lesson anywhere. (There’s a reason my EC likes him so much. Rest in peace John)

    Thank you, D

    8 -)

  30. Zakk W. says:

    Man you’re awesome!Great playing,teaching and a little extra knowledge on Clapton.Thanks for the video.Keep rockin.

  31. rico reyes says:

    This is the best… i am a beginner and learned the song.. thank you very much. you have no idea how fulfilled i am.. more power to you and look forward to more tutorials from you.

  32. Malcy Lyndsell says:

    i like the crisp sound of that cutaway guitar , what is it sir

  33. Te Kura Karakia says:

    Absolutely lovely the First 2:40 was OMG Spot on Bro😊

  34. Max Suciu says:

    Thank you.

    The only tutorial with this baseline. Not sure if it’s the right baseline but it sounds the best either way.

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