Learn Percussion Guitar – Lesson 01

Learn Percussion Guitar – Lesson 01

Learn Percussion Guitar – Lesson 01
Want to learn Percussion Guitar?

Ryan Inglis describes and demonstrates how to achieve guitar percussive sounds in this tutorial

31 responses to “Learn Percussion Guitar – Lesson 01”

  1. EddyPerson7 says:

    what guitar is that?

  2. Mirza Nur Anshari says:

    Does this work with loop station too? What if I want to loop like ed sheeran’s style?

  3. jbkibs says:

    thank you. you gave some great info.

  4. MrSudirising says:

    nice lesson. Thanks

  5. Dan Anthony says:

    why not just leaen hownto play first then have fun with rhythms.

  6. JESUS RAMIREZ says:

    Great lesson, beauty guitar. thank you very much.

  7. Dwit Vora says:

    That was amazing…! Loved it..



  9. Marco Argento says:

    Man Thanks for this lessem! Ive been looking for a lesson like this in a while and never founded

  10. It's Khurshed Speaking says:

    Subscribe me. I will subscribe you back
    . just comment below when you are done.. ✌

  11. Josué David says:

    Thank you for this lesson. It’s a really good job !!!

  12. Mukul Goyal says:

    is there a course on percussion guitar detailed ?

  13. littlebeantheboss says:

    Anyone know any songs similar to the one in the intro, that’s the kind of stuff I want to jam to

  14. oliver taylor says:

    I’ve got that guitar 😂😂

  15. Aurelien Ameur says:

    What is your guitar?:)

  16. Derp Derpson says:

    Hey man!
    I really like the lesson so far, really helped me alot in spicying up my playing!
    I’m quite fresh at playing guitar and all I did so far was strumming with open chords ( minor/major and 7) as well as Bar chords ( e and Em shape).
    At the moment I try to get into the a major and minor scale.
    Where do I start to move across the fretboard with different chords etc?
    And are there tapping exercises for the right hand? (Since it isn’t very loud right now…)
    I’m really looking forward when I can dig the “Beat it” part to move on.

  17. Amplifysenpai says:

    i think its important to emphasize keeping a steady rhythm, dont try in incorporate abstract rhythms until you are very comfortable mixing multiple techniques together, i found that once i learned everything individually it was really easy to start augmenting them, i wished id started learning things in sequence XD

  18. Amrita Dutt says:

    thanks it was really helpful 🙂

  19. Rishav Tater says:

    awesome bro

  20. Indraneel Sarker says:

    nice man

  21. Intan Maharani says:

    Whats your guitar series?

  22. Mithun Kinarullathil says:

    <3 thank you, helps a lot 🙂

  23. Sandra Armida Aviles Agundez says:

    thanks you!

  24. Adriano says:

    which guithar is that?

  25. puru says:

    After three disappointing performances in front of audiences I realized people liked this kind of style far more. Definitely the time to learn it now lol.

  26. Metal-Spark says:

    This might be a really dumb question but as a complete beginner, is it possible to play guitar quietly at 1:43?

    Just to elaborate a little, the speed of my hand+the speed of flicking my fingers out is playing the strings so hard that they sound too loud and drown out the drum beat. Is this just something that’ll come with practice or is that how it’s supposed to sound?

  27. Poetic Panda says:

    Im trash 6 years playing the guitar and all i can do is strum loud thanks mate.

  28. Playto's PLay says:


  29. Robert Almeida says:

    Hello MusicCollegeTV, Is it normal for my wrist to get sore when i practice that technique? Do you have any tips to help me with this wrist beat? Thank you for your attention and I found your video very good.

  30. morrow71 says:

    It says “Tab 1.15” but… where are these tabs?

  31. Sunil Mungur says:

    Love it, I’ve been playing a longtime, and this is a style I have never really messed with till now.thank u!

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