Electric Guitar Lesson 1 – Rock Guitar Lesson For Beginners

Electric Guitar Lesson 1 – Rock Guitar Lesson For Beginners

Electric Guitar Lesson 1 – Rock Guitar Lesson For Beginners

ELECTRIC GUITAR LESSON 1 notes + help: ►►

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37 responses to “Electric Guitar Lesson 1 – Rock Guitar Lesson For Beginners”

  1. val says:

    haha, just got a ad on this video on how to play guitar

  2. Szymon Kasprzk says:


  3. Palo casteyano says:

    what song is this

  4. Chickensinthewind17 says:

    Never played guitar before and this was easy to learn..thanks man this made me feel like i was already rockin

  5. Thurman Webber says:

    Andy, man thank you so much for doing what you do and teaching guitar and music to those who want to learn.

  6. Prajnadeep Das says:

    Great video. It’s the best beginner video i could find on YouTube. Great work man 👍😊

  7. Angel .n says:

    Sir shall we use acoustic guitar open chords on electric guitar

  8. uwldluvme21 says:

    I have a Guitar… no amp or cable though lol. I’ll come back to this video.

  9. Katerina Steinerova says:


  10. George Ukhabin says:

    Jesus, man, you’re sooooo britttish!!

  11. Jacob Griffin says:

    thanks man this really helped

  12. Zhinon says:

    Ur like pewdiepie + jacksepticeye

  13. Don Vito Corleone says:

    can i start learning on electric only? or do i have to buy acoustic?

  14. Andrew L says:

    Andy my friend you just earned yourself a subscription. thanks so much

  15. Meet Gujrathi says:

    Thanks for this!

  16. Digital boxers Dogz & more says:

    This isn’t good coz my guitar is different

  17. nico belic says:

    Andy, u are a godsend!
    Im a beginner & ur videos are a big help.
    My fingers hurting but I just can’t stop!

  18. Ty Moon says:

    This is what I’m doing over Christmas break

  19. anthony lloyd says:


  20. Clive cherry tom says:

    Bought my 1st ever guitar today only a Gibson from Argos ive been watching your videos for the past few days and i think your a fantastic teacher..it just took me over an hour to crack this 1st lesson about 2 hours if im honest but i love playing already im looking very forward to going through all your videos and may be by xmas 2019 i will be able to play apache by the shadows to my father as its is favourite .. im probably wishfull thinking tho .

  21. Will Berkowitz says:

    He looks like Matt Murray (Pittsburgh Penguins)

  22. H14A Gamerz Labuguen says:

    i love it

  23. Lugile 22 says:

    My guitar is an electric guitar but its sound looks like the sound of an acoustic guitar. What should I do?

  24. 8100 WOTB says:

    My electric guitar sounds nothing like this. Please help

  25. Christian L says:

    Dude! Just got my guitar today in the mail and was searching for online video lessons; I am glad I came across this one!!
    So easy to understand and got me all excited. Getting picks tomorrow and will be jumping back on this link to get started ASAP. I’ve already subscribed. You’re the man!

  26. Emma Kate B says:

    I picked this up so fast and in the middle of the video I was like, “why are we still going so slow!!” (In a good way:)

  27. Colin Seguin says:

    My fingers can’t turn that certain angle to move my middle finger straight away to the top string 3rd fret.

  28. eva1995XD says:

    My guitar sounds so different.. mine sounds kind of more acoustic (ive got the same guitar 🤣)

  29. Dakota K. Willson says:

    Here because acoustic feels so drastically different. I JUST picked up an electric after two years of acoustic. I feel like a beginner all over again because of the drastic change. But it’s just as simple 😂 I always Forget to do basic stuff like this though, probably my issue, since I know acoustic, I try to just delve into electric like I know it. Anyways, thanks, this served as a good reminder to help me get started on my shift to electric. This would totally benefit true beginners though. You’re a great teacher and make things simple enough to understand but still get things done.

  30. Hayden Neill says:

    Amazingggg, thanks a lot my dudee

  31. Mike Teerink says:

    this doesn’t work on a acoustic guitar with the E string missing

  32. Prestige Parts says:

    You can see youre struggling playing so slow for us, fair play mate. Im having trouble going any faster lol

  33. MrMickygbanger says:

    Dude I am 46 and I have never played any instruments. Finally alone as the kids have all moved out now I ma doing something for me. I just went and bought a guitar and amp and this is the first thing I have ever played and I can do it thanks to you
    Thank you for the way you delivered this message to us newbies
    Now I feel I can learn this because of you. I have clicked the subscribe and bell icon
    Cheers Micky G

  34. Erick Metz says:

    Toooo much words. man

  35. Hockey dude 21 says:

    God bless you my man

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