Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – John Mayer – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Live Hotel Cafe 1/8/11

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – John Mayer – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Live Hotel Cafe 1/8/11

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – John Mayer – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Live Hotel Cafe 1/8/11
Link to the TAB used onscreen

This is an acoustic guitar tutorial based on the live performance at Hotel Cafe on 1/8/11 (thanks to violetskyye for videoing it). The video of that performance can be found here: . I transcribed the piece in Guitar Pro using video and slowed down to pitch audio to check the techniques and hand positions. This tutorial video has onscreen tab with some detailed explanation and slowed down looped parts. I hope you enjoy it. It clocks in at about 33 minutes and covers every part of this version of the song.

With regards to the onscreen tabulature I try to stick closely to it on the video but take some unconscious liberties here and there…


29 responses to “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – John Mayer – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Live Hotel Cafe 1/8/11”

  1. breno pontarolo says:

    awesome, thank you for this channel. greetings from Brazil.

  2. rjaytje says:

    Amazing lessons! thanks brother

  3. Zias' Cup says:

    How do u read it?

  4. Jaime Rowe says:

    Your videos are excellent, and helpful. Thanks!

  5. Aaron Long says:

    shut the fuck up and show the progressions.. dammit man

  6. jibberjabber rumshoute says:

    hey can you also do a tutorial on the LA live version of Slow dancing….great video really helpful! 🙂

  7. Jacob Judy says:

    I can hear a bit of man on the side from the chords played in this song. Ones about the pain from rejection the other is pain from a relationship thats slowly crashing and burning.

  8. Manggala Bagaskoro says:

    this is haaaaard

  9. MdgVids says:

    my yamaha acoustic has a thick neck, cant get my thumb around it for the bass notes. Any advice?

  10. Sabastian Uchiha says:

    I’m just a beginner and I’m like Woahhhhh!!!! You guys know my reaction

  11. phrett says:

    awesome vid… thanks

  12. momo30001 says:

    wow thx bro

  13. DelScully says:

    nice playing but this tutorial kind of sucked, you barely even mention positioning…

  14. DelScully says:

    you may as well just post the tabs and not bother teaching because you dont at all haha.

  15. Tijuana iguana says:

    you deserve a better sounding guitar

  16. Samantha Szeto says:

    too hard for guitar beginner ;'( sorry

  17. FreshMeme MyDude says:

    Well done but you didn’t actually teach and went way to fast while not explaining much…

  18. jacky817 says:

    Stuck at the 1st minute, 33 more to go

  19. Aidee CI says:

    nice video saul goodman

  20. Robby Fowler says:

    You are very talented u deserve a better guitar…look into the Gibson j15’s..just got one for 999 and I love it

  21. Kyousuke Tse says:

    Thank you so much !

  22. Joe Harvey says:

    thank you for your lessons

  23. Dylan Burton says:

    Don’t listen to the other people complaining. An intermediate player should be able to understand this video.

  24. Theonidas wreckamolis says:

    @Zartimus Can you make a video of you playing the ful song please. I want to listen to your version on repeat so i can memorise the guitar.

  25. abhinav rawat says:

    your guitar sounds very blunt..

  26. Jam The says:

    Do speak for me plz!!!!

  27. A Cheeki Fax says:

    You are undoubtedly a good guitar player, but mate…. that guitar just sounds terrible. Splurge and buy yourself something that sounds amazing

  28. John Thomas says:

    This is literally everything that anybody could ask for from a guitar tutorial. Thank you!

  29. SeaSharp says:

    Well done, thanks for the lesson and tabs. Takes a while but I got it down on my strat.

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