‘Billionaire’ By Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners Acoustic Reggae Tutorial

‘Billionaire’ By Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners Acoustic Reggae Tutorial

‘Billionaire’ By Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners Acoustic Reggae Tutorial
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‘Billionaire’ by Travis McCoy Guitar Lesson – Super Easy Beginners Acoustic Learn How To Play Tutorial. In this lesson learn how to play a solo acoustic version of Billionaire by Travis McCoy.

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39 responses to “‘Billionaire’ By Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners Acoustic Reggae Tutorial”

  1. Croix says:

    1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4

    Strum on the and.

  2. carlos cristobal says:


  3. carlos cristobal says:


  4. MrFlamesFan12 says:

    Bar chords -_- great. Is there a way to not play bar (crap) chords.

  5. Ricard Alonso Marin says:

    the third chord is impossible lol, i cant press the two strings with the ‘third’ finger ! 🙁

  6. Khaliya Kimberlie says:

    Hi I’m 13 and I love to sing, please check out my cover of this song and some others, and comment like sub and most of all SHARE!!!! thx 🙂

  7. Melody Ho says:

    Could anyone please tell me what’s a “major shape”?????

  8. Final Beta says:

    Fuck these bar chords. If they were a person I’d gut them with a rusty, dull spoon. Fucking annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. RJMDesigns says:

    F#m its not 7 fret.. its actually on the 9th fret.. the Em on the 7th fret..

  10. RJMDesigns says:

    but this tutorial is high pitch.. there are other ways to change your chords on different fret

  11. Ayhan Setirekli says:

    Your video’s are the best on youtube…MARTY WHOOOOO?!

  12. Evin Elias says:

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  13. Fabio Burlando says:

    Good job ty

  14. lpsbearlover14 says:

    Oh my goodness ty.so much

  15. Jaguar Cat says:

    thats not easy its hard

  16. elise_music says:

    Can you please do Flyleaf  “All Around Me” on Acoustic?

  17. Glo James says:

    You’re the best!

  18. BlackheartTV says:

    Is it possible to use a capo with this song

  19. Sandra Henriksson says:

    Where is the paper?

  20. mradam4831 says:

    is the a full size guitar or 3/4

  21. Farah Tajuddin says:

    He looks like christina grimmie lol

  22. Still Liutov says:

    wow man these bar chords are soo hard

  23. More Adrenaline says:

    Cool video… I have a cool video on my page, too. It’s “Never Wanna Leave”!

  24. Tamilla Asan says:

    am i the only one who hate to bare e chord with only 2 fingers. it’s imposible for me

  25. Raiden K. says:

    The hand cramps from this bar chords though. But this video really was helpful

  26. Jay-jay Bangug says:

    nice tutorial !!! so easy!!..

  27. Jimmy Lashio SB says:

    Thanks man!! I’ll ve a try.

  28. Angel Dumitru says:

    God , that was wasier that was i expecting , but the cord on the 12th fret is realy hard to make it sound nice (i dont have a cut body on the guitar so is harder).Thanks a lot for this tutorial .

  29. How To Play Reggae says:

    Interesting string muting technique. Could have done an up stroke or another down for the mute. Am not sure it should start with a mute. But anyway it is still a good start to reggae guitar. Bless man!

  30. Quoheleth Cohen says:

    Toda raba, good job.

  31. serioussam roe roe says:

    muito bom er este tutorial q tava procurando

  32. Audi Thief says:

    How tf do you play these chords!?!? Mine makes a fart sound ;_(

  33. Renildo Alves says:

    someone help me I’m Brazilian and I do not speak English and not endendi which are the notes of this song are “A” C # 7 “F # 7” E and the chorus?

  34. Rasenpou says:

    Instructions not clear….dick stuck inside guitar

  35. Äpril_Ūnicorns :3 says:

    Wow easy huh

  36. Lakshay Maheshwari says:

    That smile 3:26 censored hahah 😂
    Thanks tho

  37. Renato Barrios says:

    muy bueno solo no se lo que hablas ajaaj

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