Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar

Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar

Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar
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36 responses to “Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar”

  1. DragonBall Hakaishin says:

    Amazing video, me and my band are looking for songs to learn so this helps me a lot so thanks!

  2. floridas954 says:

    this is definitely fun/ I would appreciate it if you would pick up your electric guitar more often. Nice video. Make more like this one (electric) please-thank u

  3. Andrew Murrieta says:

    Wat strings do I strum

  4. Une ado ordinaire. says:

    Thanks u so much !

  5. MadMax says:

    are you in Eb?

  6. Loej - says:

    Can anybody help I’m having trouble with power chord finger placement.

  7. Lee Lewis says:

    Marty is awesome !

  8. Moose says:

    Little known to you, if you sign Marty’s email list it’s actually an invitation for him to feast on your soul!

  9. Justin Patire says:

    Not explaining he picking hand part Marty

  10. raihkumio says:

    too easy.thats 3 power akord songs i play this from ear to guitar after first hearing

  11. Roberto Cossu says:

    Very Nice your channel , I try basket case and your explain it’s very easy to understand.Have you. posted also I want you bad Offspring song, because, i like to try that.

  12. Luigimonbymus says:

    Can someone link me the tab for it?

  13. Benaya Sahap Hasudungan Munte Secondary Student says:

    Marty, you are one of the best youtuber guitarist teacher, thanks for all of your teachings ad technics

  14. annanasskop says:

    Today I asked myself, if I’m completely retarded for shaking my leg while playing. Now I know, it’s absolutely normal 6:05 XD
    Thanks Marty, for these great lessons!

  15. Ryan Corpes says:

    Can also use acoustic? Awesome lesson

  16. SeventhLord says:

    why cart I do this

  17. DzoniMyths says:

    Hey Marty,can i get that green day sound with squier strat that has humbucker in the brigde?(btw its the same colour as yours,it gorgeous)

  18. The_Quesadillö says:

    Will it sound bat if you don’t tune it in e flat

  19. Niall Power says:

    thanks so much for this lesson! Having a blast playing this song (probably have woke the neighbours up to😂)!

  20. Fred says:

    My amp settings are bass treble so what can I do to get it to sound the best

  21. Lee Whitworth says:

    If I were to play this is standard tuning, would it sound too different to be any good or will it sound close enough? Cos I’m so close to mastering this and I want to know the end result sound wise to be able to tell whether it has been worth the time.

  22. Sam Da meme lord says:

    You look a little like Billie Joe armstrong

  23. Figglebob High says:


  24. Hunter Townsend says:

    can you do ‘too dumb to die’ by green day please

  25. Helge Hybbinette says:


  26. Apurva Tripathi says:

    thanks a lot for this video!! <33

  27. Mega Potato says:


  28. 조동현 says:

    Can somebody teach me how to stroke(?) or make a sound(?) like him? I can’t play like him…… 🙁

    + Green Day is my best group. And! you are my best teacher. Thx

  29. LRWS says:

    Great lesson. Question about the strumming: You’re only strumming the first 3 strings E, A, G?

  30. J.B. Dazen says:

    The progression is beginner’s, yeah, but the tempo isn’t.

  31. Иван Рамонов says:


  32. FuckYeahSunkist says:

    How do you set an amp to get that sound?? ;–;

  33. Firediamonds says:

    7:45 thank me later

  34. Sya Mel says:

    how is the ending?

  35. Fullrock128 says:

    I love how it sounds in standard.

  36. MarriedJen Zervis says:

    The “fail” part was cute!
    Thx for the lesson!! 🙂🌟

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