Beginner Guitar Lesson With Chet Atkins

Beginner Guitar Lesson With Chet Atkins

Beginner Guitar Lesson With Chet Atkins
In this excerpt from the DVD “Get Started On Guitar,” the legendary Chet Atkins introduces his beginning students to scales, chords and John Denver’s “Country Roads.” More info at

22 responses to “Beginner Guitar Lesson With Chet Atkins”

  1. T1000m22 says:

    “You show off” 😂😂 died

  2. xsited1 says:

    This guy is pretty good.

  3. Pema Wangchen says:

    i felt his feeling going back to his childhood memories when he used to play in bathroom coz of wonderful eco and most of the time sleeping with guitar … 🤗 hope you r in heaven.. thank you… first song make me cry😢😢😢

  4. Michael J Harrison says:

    WOW………………………..! 🙂

  5. Chris Campbell says:

    It’s Winne from The Wonder Years.

  6. Nightverslonn says:

    What is this first song?

  7. Nightverslonn says:

    I wonder what Elizabeth and Will are doing today?

  8. Johnny Tortuga says:

    Yes, he makes it way too easy. I need to get back and practice.

  9. irishguy13 says:

    I miss him.

  10. Robert Willard says:

    Why did I ever try to play?

  11. Randy Bock says:

    what a confidence builder, picking with the man!

  12. CRay Ray says:

    Really nice but beginner?

  13. sweetdixieguitar says:

    Long live Chet Atkins.

  14. sweetdixieguitar says:

    How many guitarists have a style of guitar named after them? Chet does, and many have tried to copy him, but their efforts have been futile.

  15. Bud M. says:

    I’ve always known Chet Atkins as “The Man With The Talking Guitar”.  That’s from back in the 60’s. What a pretty sound and just from the scales.  We’ll never forget you Chet.

  16. stvo2009 says:

    Goes from “Let’s try a few chords you don’t know, an Am.” to straight into those scales in the end while alternating his 1 and 2 fingers on them, lol. Chet, you’re pushing it! 🙂 Miss you.

  17. sunbike says:

    Chet was a genius even in the most trivial things! Thank you for all that you’ve left us! R.I.P.

  18. ALECNA says:

    I’d pay an organ to get some lessons with him

  19. Slashley gibbins says:

    I never had respect For George W Bush junior but after this my opinion has changed of him.

  20. Doug Rogers says:

    Real musicians are a dying breed today with the sounds of crap Rap and most popular music today. Please let real music come back. Even Paul McCartney said the other day that the future of Music is in Jeopardy. We need too preserve music and not let it disappear with the music in a can crap we have today.

  21. Reginald Workman says:

    Thanks for the post, he is Was and always will be awesome

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