How To Play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ On Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Tutorial

How To Play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ On Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Tutorial

How To Play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ On Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Tutorial
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36 responses to “How To Play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ On Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Tutorial”

  1. TheCoolGuy 21212121 says:

    Awesome video. I’ve learnt lots of songs from your videos. I currently know 26, could yo maybe do a video on how to play Nothings gonna stop us now, if you can.

  2. Isaac Islas says:

    Who came here because u saw Jensen ackels play

  3. Jaden Wakefield says:

    Please show how to play I Need You by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  4. Daniel Saiz says:

    HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS SONG IS !!!!! Thank you for this tutorial !

  5. Jon McCarty says:

    So I remember seeing the video where you interviewed Ed King and there was a part where he showed you how to play this song. You said that you thought it was played another way so I was wondering… Is this how he showed you how to play it?

    Love your videos by the way! Keep on rockin’!

  6. Austin Clay says:

    Marty man you have me such a better guitar player! If I wanna learn a knew song come to your page. Question I have a Strat like in this video what should I have my tone on ?

  7. Jeremy Taylor says:

    i really like your ways of instructing us people its easy and smooth i don’t even have to pause the vid

  8. Josh Billini says:

    Please breakdown Dolly Dagger!

  9. Hind Jj says:

    thank u so much marty!!

  10. Awesomeness Live says:

    Imma beginner😕 BUT ILL BE BACK!!!

  11. Brenan Kean says:

    Cream did it first and way better.

  12. David Edwards says:

    Makes it looks so easy.

  13. bill aguilar says:

    Awesome Marty .. most of your how to play are well structured .. waiting for more cool stuff from your YouTube Channel

  14. CAM JH says:

    hey marty, i was wondering where u got your guitar from because im plannning on getting 1

  15. guitarman 064 says:

    Wow I wondered how to Do that Song. Thanks A Bunch

  16. herwin soedaryo says:

    hi Marty…. thanks for the lesson….

  17. Meena D's Vlogs says:

    can u plz do more pink floyd songs like the solo of coming back to life

  18. Beans Chedar says:

    Free bird solo

  19. Humberto Moura says:

    You are a great teacher! Greetings from Brazil!

  20. Steven Cassidy says:

    Hey Marty, could you please do the solo to sweet home Alabama please. If did that would really great thank you

  21. Allen F. Cook says:

    Marty I am 63 and have started late in life to learn guitar but I am trying really hard to learn thankyou Allen

  22. Parivesh Poudel says:

    Nice tutorial bro, liked it, it’s the way u presented it, it’s simple easy nd precise to learn..

  23. Michael Barritt says:

    Due ur fuck gay ur videos suck you can’t teach worth a shit try explaining what the fuck your doing dumbass😡😡😡😡😡🖕🖕

  24. Ken Pryor says:

    Love it, Marty! One question: near the end of the video, how in the world do you do those power chords when you have to bring your pinky into play? My fingers don’t stretch that far apart LOL Do you have any hand exercises you recommend to allow that much flexibility?

  25. Dominic Benoit says:

    Too advanced for me 🙁🙁

  26. Luke Freeman says:

    At the beginning of the intro, the first time you change fingers you could just keep your middle finger Ron the A string to make it easier for u

  27. Roger Rahn says:

    Hey, I’m on acoustic and I don’t know if it’s user error but the pull on the g string up to a D isn’t working for me…

  28. Louis Hollis says:

    thanks so much marty u have taught like 20 songs io love your channel you have helped me progress

  29. Brian Tudor says:

    Marty-Great lesson, as always. I have to ask-is that a Fender Japanese 60’s strat? I have one that looks just like yours. Thanks.

  30. Harry Eberhart says:

    Marty, been years since I’ve picked up a guitar, got the basics but needed that extra something to break through. You got it bro, and getting better everyday. Thanks for all the lessons and taking the baby step to make it through.

  31. Roger Tesson says:

    Summer of 69 Bryn Adams

  32. dennis berry says:

    Marty Swartz you Rock that is the best easy to follow fun to learn Sweet Home Alabama Lesson that I have seen since I first heard the song when it first came out. Being Sixty Five (one month away from 66) believe me I was there wishing I could play it. I learned an “Almost Rendition” couch pickers version.. .. you however gave me the real deal as always.

  33. Sochui Chamroy says:

    Marty I really like your teaching style ..
    Great job

  34. Andrew Connolly says:

    Slow the fuck down

  35. BEA5T 75 says:

    you move on too fast you need to work on bits more

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