Beatles – Norwegian Wood – How To Play On Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Beatles – Norwegian Wood – How To Play On Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Beatles – Norwegian Wood – How To Play On Acoustic Guitar Lessons
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32 responses to “Beatles – Norwegian Wood – How To Play On Acoustic Guitar Lessons”

  1. antillano kukulcan says:

    thanks Marty to take the time to share your talent god bless

  2. Al Griffiths says:

    Thanks Marty , I always wanted to play this 🙂

  3. Fred says:

    Holy fuck how baked is he right now lmfao..!!!

  4. jordan mcdonald says:

    thank you soooo much Marty you are an amazing teacher, I’ve only been playing for about 3 months or so and with the help from you I am now playing this amazing song

  5. ueo ai says:

    thank you so much!

  6. Elena Meyers says:

    Thank you Marty!!

  7. Barnacle Bill says:

    Thanks Marty, as a life long Beatle fan I love this song…the more I practice it the better I get. Maybe I’ll soon make it look as effortless as you do. Cheers mate!

  8. tiredtoputname says:

    thank you man!

  9. randomhumor1 says:

    Could be their greatest song.

  10. bill bennet says:

    dude i learned it in an hour …i am 54 yo lol

  11. Jake Williams says:

    I always expected this to be a hard song to play, thanks.

  12. Jett Hamlin V/ says:

    0:34 He’s all like, “woah, did ya see that?”

  13. Jack NStripes says:

    Thank You for sharing your knowledge and talent- you are my go to teacher.

  14. Sn Pker says:

    thanks Marty you done me good hope you teach kids too you rock and fu roll

  15. joalucard says:

    Thanks, this classic is now learnt and in the vault. Thank you so much

  16. Hudson Caceres says:

    I’ve got a shitty cover of this song on my channel and you should watch it to make me feel better about myself

  17. Sea Hawks says:

    Why don’t you play it from the 2nd fret, I do.

  18. Phil Madeley says:

    Really great lesson man, cheers

  19. 2nd Cut & Bunkers says:

    Awesome song and I love your help man. I don’t get half the shit you talk about sometimes but fuck it..

  20. David Douglas says:

    MARTY!!! What can “I” Say? Other than DynOmite!!! Thanks Amigo!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  21. Scott Wrixon Rossiter says:

    There’s no real need to go to the C chord – just continue the base run from the D position with your first 2 fingers. Also, that G sounds better if you play the enhanced version by adding the E note on the 2nd string and it makes a more natural movement from the Dm because your finger is already there. That finger can just stay put till you move to Em.

  22. Matthew Sinkovitz says:

    Still such a great lesson. Thanks, Marty.

  23. Bryan Findler says:

    I love this song and Jamz is very good at getting this tune over I have nearly got it and I am 75 and not a very good guitar player

  24. Norm says:

    I love your lessons, and I’m going to sign up for the real stuff.  Love your facial expressions. Yaaaaa. LOL

  25. Daniel Shevlin says:

    Best guitar advice ever?
    …keep doing it,over and over until you own it!
    Cheers Shortman,Peace. ☺️❤️

  26. Dave Lee says:

    marty loves to party…great tutor ☺

  27. guitarman 064 says:

    Love This Song. I Gotta Learn it , Thanks To You Marty,Fantastic Lesson.

  28. Wylie Shipman says:

    He’s never baked in the newer videos, must be getting more professional! Love this guy!

  29. Mark Gibson says:

    Really cool vid! I actually did a cover of this and sang at the same time. Its a really cool song

  30. jerry jah says:

    r u jewish?

  31. George Ruiz says:

    Loved it ! One of my all time favorites.

  32. Ron Jones says:

    This should be one of the first songs people learn to play. It is very basic, yet a great classic Beatles song. Nothing like being to play a real classic song to keep you motivated. Thanks, Marty.

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